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My wife was a great help today, although, these 3 …

Posted by Adam Graham on January 1, 1970

My wife was a great help today, although, these 3 hour campaign swings really aren’t something she’s going to do again.

She helped me in my campaign up and down 39th and Tamarack.

She came home and got a call from her sister. Somehow the subject of the Presidential race came up and her sister announced her support for John Kerry. Andrea went about trying to inform her sister of Kerry’s record on the issues.

She said she didn’t care because she was mad at Bush about the economy.

Andrea tried to talk facts but her sister just kept repeating the same mantra. It was scary in a way to her my sister-in-law spouting the anti-Bush claptrap that’s been floating in the press.

The argument became heated and difficult. What they say about a 50/50 nation is true to a great extent because of fear-mongering demogogues. The current campaign between Kerry and Bush will cause a lot of division between familymembers.

While I was out campaigning, I told someone I was a candidate for the State House and he responded, “Sorry to hear that.” I didn’t say I’d been elected. I know the job ahead is difficult and I’ll have to deal with some people’s unrealistic expectations as well as some difficult reactions.

A lot of people have the idea that if their life is going well, then the President’s doing a good job, and if there life is hard, the president is doing a bad job. The fact is that the President or any other political leader has very little control over whether you succeed or fail in life. That’s up to you.

I’ll be honest that if elected, I’ll try my best, but I’m not the Messiah. Everyday people still have to go to work and make our state work. I can’t wave a magic wand and make everyone’s life better. It’s up to each person to make  the right choices and do the right thing.


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