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It’s Not the Budget, Stupid

Posted by Adam Graham on February 9, 2004

I am among the many Conservatives who don’t like the big spending of our current president. I will vote for him and urge others to and here’s why: the budget is not the most important issue in this election.

The budget can be cut easily and taxes can be reformed within a very short time. Numerous governors have proved how little it takes to accomplish real government reform. However, as the Psalmist wrote, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

What is at stake in the November election is not the Budget Deficit, which regardless of who wins this November will continue to be obscenely high, but rather our very culture. The Barbarians are at the gates in the form of radical Islamic terrorists and inside the gates in form of tyrannical judicial activists. John Kerry is on the side of the barbarians, George Bush is on the side of America. I’ll vote for George Bush.

The Massachusetts Supreme Court’s decision to force Gay Marriage on Massachusetts and soon on the rest of the country cuts at the fundamental definition of marriage and family in our society. We’re crossing the Rubicon. If they succeed, we will no longer be slouching towards Gomorrah as Robert Bork wrote a few years back, we will be Gomorrah.

An immoral and corrupt people cannot preserve liberty. The question is not whether we will have $250 budget deficit in a few years or a $400 billion deficit, but whether we will lose the blessing of liberty forever. These are the stakes.

We have two hopes to preserve this culture so we can reclaim our liberty. First, we can pass the Federal Marriage Amendment. There are probably not enough votes in the Senate to do so right now, but it must come up for a vote. The American people, particularly those in the South will see where Democrats stand and it will be enough to gain the additional seats we need to pass this bill.

Second, we need judges like Miguel Estrada and Patricia Owens on the Supreme Court, who will interpret and not rewrite the Constitution. President Bush has shown himself to be a man who will appoint judges who will uphold the Constitution and we need that now more than ever.

President Bush is a flawed figure in American politics. Too often, he caves to Congress and the Democrats. But on the issue of preserving our culture from the forces that seek to destroy it, we have an ally.

I wish he were bolder. I wish he were more articulate and determined in advocating the moral issues. I would have preferred that Alan Keyes won the Presidency, but he didn’t. We can’t rerun the 2000 primary elections. We have the President that the vast majority of the Republican Party and Conservatives chose and have to work with him. It’s not noble or patriotic, nor anything but unproductive to stay home or vote for some third party when the election of a Democratic candidate could very well mean the end of our liberty. I urge everyone who loves this country and it’s constitution to vote for President Bush, so that we can by the Grace of God, preserve our culture while we work for the election of a more Conservative President in 2008.


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