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The Weekend Response: Medicaid and Proving Our Case

Posted by Adam Graham on January 2, 2005

The Statesman had an editorial railing against the plan by the State of Idaho to charge a copay for kids involved in the CHIPB program a $2 copay for prescription drugs and non-emergency emergency room visits. The Statesman writes:

Here’s why the new copayments won’t put much of a dent in Medicaid spending. First, the 1,500 children in CHIP-B are a sliver of the state’s 165,000 Medicaid participants. Second, the copayments will apply only to two services —the “non-emergency” ER visits and prescription drugs — not to physician visits or other services.

Even a small copayment can cause someone who has little money to think twice about spending it by visiting the emergency room. “We do know there is overuse and probably some misuse of the emergency room by the Medicaid population,” Mason said. “We hope the copay will slow that down.”

As the Statesman points out the copay won’t affect visits to other doctor’s offices or urgent care clinics. Even though a limited number of kids are involved, the savings potential is strong. Lets say that the average kid on CHIPs makes 2 non-emergency emergency room visits each year on average. If an emergency room visits going to cost $300 (reasonable estimate) and a doctor’s visit is going to cost $150, the state will save $450,000. The Statesman’s right that it won’t solve the problem but it’s a step in the right direction and the adminstration’s to be applauded.

On New Year’s day, David Valk had a letter to the editor where he wrote:

We have all heard the Bible-thumper claims. They have gotten homosexuals to marry a member of the opposite sex, and they lived happily ever after as heterosexuals. They have also sworn up and down that homosexuals do not reproduce. We hear from time to time a different story. Those who followed the “Survivor” TV show from the beginning know two things about the first winner: Richard Hatch is a homosexual, and he has a son. This year on “Survivor All Stars,” Richard, after he was kicked off the island, found himself another male relationship.

This amazed me because the key idea is that 2 homosexuals do not reproduce on their own. They need either an egg donor or to have sex with a woman. He goes on to list a series of examples of homosexual men who had sex with heterosexual women producing children, thus proving homosexuality is a choice. Good job!


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