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The Politics of Exploitation

Posted by Adam Graham on March 14, 2005

The Black community today has gotten the short end of the stick politically. After 40 years of affirmative action, the war on poverty, and a myriad of other programs, most predominantly black areas face the problems of bad schools, the decline of the family, and lack of economic opportunity.

Blacks have elected Democrats for years and Democrats have given lip service to fixing the community’s troubles, yet Democratic mayors and Democratic governors have failed time and time again, yet continue to garner Black votes despite blocking some of the most important legislation benefiting the Black Community.

Polls have shown a majority of Blacks are for school choice, Social Security reform, and against abortion and gay marriage. Most Democrats stand on the opposite side of these issues. Yet, Blacks continue to vote in large numbers for Democrats who consistently fail to deliver needed changes.

Taking a Page from the Democrats’ Playbook

As easy as it is to feel sorry for the current state of Black America, it’s given me pause when thinking about the religious conservative movement. As a Christian Conservative, I can’t help but feel a sense of déjà vu.

Republicans love our votes. As the GOP has run on a platform of traditional values, Religious conservatives joined the GOP in droves. Without the votes of religious conservatives, Republicans would have a hard time in the South and much of the West.

However, there are Republicans and I’m sad to say a growing number of them, who want to take our votes and our hard work, and give us nothin in return. It should come as no great surprise that the first great promise of the campaign President Bush backed away from was his push for a Constitutional Amendment on gay marriage. Defenders of the President may point out that Bush is correct in stating that the Amendment has little chance of passage.

Granting that argument, why did Bush push it during the campaign? After all, the election of 2004 was a best case scenario for supporters of traditional marriage. There’s no way he could have ended up in a better position to push the Amendment. The only reasonable conclusion is that the President said he’d push for the Amendment to get our votes.

Now that we’re talking about a Presidential candidate for 2008, who is the mainstream leadership of the GOP seeking to anoint? The pro-abortion Rudy Giuliani, the self-described “moderately pro-choice” Condoleeza Rice, and stem cell research advocate/Federal Marriage Amendment opponent John McCain.

When John McCain is the most pro-life candidate out there, you know that the GOP is taking the religious conservatives for granted.

Thinking Outside the Box

Loyalty to a political party gets you nowhere. Religious conservatives have backed the GOP to the hilt, and have been getting very little results. On the other hand, moderates are always pandered to and sought out. Why?

Moderates have been the exact opposite of the loyal religious conservatives. In many cases, they’ve been willing to sabotage the campaigns of Republican candidates who are too conservative. Examples abound. Bret Schundler lost the New Jersey Governor’s race in 2001 as moderates bailed. Alan Keyes finished at a historic low in Illinois as GOP moderates helped feed him to the wolves in the Illinois press corp. Senator John Warner (R-Va.) sabotaged the campaign of 1994 Senate candidate Oliver North by backing an Independent. Warner is now is chairman of the Senate Armed Forced committee.

Moderates feel free to torpedo the party’s nominee whenever it suits their interests, Religious conservatives should respond in like manner with a streak of Independence that looks after the issues that religious conservatives care about more than the success of the Republican Party.

What this means is not leaving the party. If Rudy Giuliani can remain a Republican and even be a top contender for the White House after backing Mario Cuomo’s re-election in 1994, why should religious conservatives feel that supporting Republican candidates is a requirement of being in the GOP?

If a pro-family Democrat is running against an anti-family Republican, back the Democrat. If neither candidate is right on the issues than back neither or support a third party. If a socially conservative third party garners significant support and the Republican loses, a message will be sent loud and clear.

Other groups have followed this pattern and had great success. The NRA is a key example. They endorse Republicans and Democrats and have won every major battle on gun issues for more than a decade. Religious conservatives need to stop letting the GOP take them for granted. By creating an air of independence, religious conservatives will further the fight for traditional values and avoid being the doormat of the GOP.


4 Responses to “The Politics of Exploitation”

  1. William [Visitor] said

    Kudos for noticing, yet it amazes me how the Republicans play Christians for suckers time and time again. They get your vote, and then smear poop all over your faces while they’re in office. Then they ask for your vote again, and say ‘Jesus-this’ and ‘Jesus-that’ a few times, and BAM! you all vote for them again!

    And look, you folks have put our country in a terrible place, deep in debt, despised by the world, dumping money into an unnecessary war for a crusade that can never win…thanks a lot, guys…

    Anyway, when you think of values, you should think of schools, alleviating poverty, helping to make this country (and ALL of its people) a better place, instead of just the narrow homophobic values you folks espouse now, that are pretty lame and useless. The only value your stance on gay people has is as a tool for Republican politicos to manipulate you with.

    Anyhow, thanks for noticing that the Republicans are screwing you religious folks big-time. It would be nice if more of you would notice it. You might not agree with Democrats on some things, but overall, the country functions better and is a happier place when Democrats are in office.

    Think about it for awhile.



  2. John [Visitor] said

    You are so right. Bush sold us out, big time, and you know someone just like him, probably his brother, is being lined up to do it again in ’08.

    Adam, you have the expertise: Isn’t there a viable candidate Christians can field? I think we can win, really. Christians are both Dem and GOP. Just give them a choice. Keyes is very underestimated, IMHO, but maybe Dobson or someone would run for president?

  3. Jim [Visitor] said

    Thanks Adam, great post. I totally agree with you about Republicans selling us out, in favor of concentrating on big business issues. Always. They talk the conservative Christian talk, but don’t walk the walk. Why were Giuliani and Schwarzenegger — both openly pro-abortion, pro-gay Republicans — given prime spots at the GOP convention? Why aren’t we seeing more por-life legislation being aggresively pushed, now that they are in control? And WHY is Ken Mehlman, who is gay, the chairman of the Republican party? It’s ridiculous. They’re talking out of both sides of their mouth.

    Thank you for the terrific post.

  4. Dennis [Visitor] said

    Several other blogs have provided a link to this column. This non-Christian, non-conservative found your views interesting, but more than a little naive. So Bush took your votes, but now leaves you out in the cold. I’m sorry, but why are you surprised? After all, he did want to get re-elected and he knew the fundamentalist Christians could turn out the vote. Your alternative was to stay home (and pray for a Second Coming). If your threatened response is to vote for Democrat, why then I guess we should just offer our thanks!

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