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Why Do People Who Disagree Not Get Along

Posted by Adam Graham on April 2, 2005

Kyle Williams has an article that’s quite confusing and inaccurate in some places:

Does there have to be such an extreme separation between people who hold differing worldviews?

Can two walk together, unless they be agreed?-Amos 3:3

Simply put, “right” and “wrong” have always been polar opposites and there have been many debates that have put people at odds over the years. Civil Rights, Slavery, and the Revolution are examples of issues that have driven people far apart.

The answer to having good relations with people with whom you disagree depending on the person is to simply not talk about the issues. I don’t talk Terri Schaivo or abortion or the Ten Commandments at work though people have to know because I’m on the news and in the paper. If you want to be happy and have good relations with people, don’t start arguments.

I mean fundamentally, there’s a place where you get to where it’s not possible to have a good-natured discussion on an issue and we’re getting to the point, sort of like where we were before the Civil War.

Kyle writes this:

For instance, the pro-life cause has always had skeletons in the closet when it comes to bombing abortion clinics.

–This is a kind of outrageous statement characteristic of the article. Again, no respectable pro-life leader supports bombing clinics. There are a few fringe nuts, but all movements have them.

This is really a low point in Kyle’s career as a writer. This is the most meandering non-sensical piece I’ve ever read. He couldn’t stay in the same thought for more than two sentences. It’s sad. I hope he takes a break and comes back with better.


One Response to “Why Do People Who Disagree Not Get Along”

  1. I’m with you on this one, Adam. I have plenty of conservative friends (e.g. my high school buddy at, or almost my entire extended family back in Idaho) with whom I disagree vociferously on most issuesBut I always try and remember that they are good people who simply base their opinions on a different set of underlying assumptions. And they truly believe their stance is what is right for America. We all love our country; we just disagree about the policies.There’s no need for personal animosity, however. I get upset when someone like Ann Coulter calls us traitors, but I also get upset when someone like Janeane Garafalo calls them Nazis. (That said, my hands aren’t entirely clean. I’ve been known to spew forth vile from time to time. I’m trying to rise above it.)Let’s all try to separate the argument from the person, and remember that which unites us rather than divides us. My pro-military Bush-voting friend from Colorado and I leave the politics aside when she and I root for our beloved Green Bay Packers. My far-right Born-Again™ Christian aunt and I put the religion aside and enjoy our shared love of The Beatles. Blues and Reds living together in peace (cue the harpist…)

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