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Condi Leads STV Presidential Survey (Week 1 Update): Allen, Tancredo Trail

Posted by Adam Graham on April 10, 2005

The early results are in and Condi Rice leads the STV Republican Presidential Primary poll with more than 3 weeks to go. Of the 201 voters, 35% chose Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice, 13% chose Senator George Allen, 12% supported Rep. Tom Tancredo, 8% backed Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani with all other candidates ranking in single digits. The way STV works is that a candidate is eliminated each round and their preferences are transferred to the their next preference. After 17 rounds, Rice had picked up enough votes from lesser candidates to clinch victory.

To vote click here.


2 Responses to “Condi Leads STV Presidential Survey (Week 1 Update): Allen, Tancredo Trail”

  1. Yes! Please run Kindasleezzy Lies! Oooh, Hillary vs. Condi in ’08! Won’t that be fun? I’d watch those debates on pay-per-view!

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    If the race were Hillary v. Condi, I would vote third party most likely. I think Condi is a fad candidate and will fade by the time we actually get to vote.

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