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A Position to Change

Posted by Adam Graham on September 18, 2005

I might be able to capture Osama Bin-Laden, if I were in the mountains of Pakistan. However, being in the Treasure Valley in Idaho would make the task impossible.

This is where we find ourselves with Presidential campaigns. Come election years, Conservatives clamor for their candidates, but are in no position to get them into office.

What we have is a lot of screaming from back benches from true Conservatives about the establishment controlling the money, rigging the process, and making it impossible for anyone but the establishment choice to win.

This is called whining. Poor preparation leads to poor results. You’re going to get back what you put in and if you want to effect what happens in 2008, you need to be in position to influence the race. There are two major things you can do:

First, run for a Precinct Captain position: This will allow you to choose your county party leaders and to be also make contacts with other Conservatives in your area and build a network which can effectively organize Conservatives across your local area.

It is easier than you would think to get into these organizations. The most common elected Precinct Captain is “Vacant” in many areas. If you can get into one of them, you’re in a position to promote presidential candidates and Conservative values within the GOP. If you’re mad at “RINOs” in your local party leadership, get over it. They’re there because there’s not been an organized attempt to change the face of the party and that must be your priority. If efforts are made to change the Republican Party at the bottom, reform will reach the top. Be sure to read up on your local laws before trying to run for the Precinct Captain.

Secondly, money is the mother’s milk of politics and the reason so many Conservative candidates lose or won’t run in the first place is the inability of their supporters to raise cash for a successful campaign. No one wants to spend months upon months away from their families, pointlessly traveling from one city to another with little rest. If we’re going to ask someone to make that sacrifice, we have to provide them the money to run a successful campaign.

The Party establishment gets their money $2,000 at a time, which isn’t going to work for true conservatives, but a small amount of people together can make a huge difference. If you want change in Washington, put your money where your mouth is. Take $10 a month, put I it into a savings account or in a shoe box for the next two years and you would have $240 to contribute to the Presidential campaign of your choice. If 250,000 people (.1% of the American population) would do this from January, 2006 on, a true Conservative candidate could raise $60 million for building organization, buying media, and running a professional campaign.

If you want more of the same, then do what you’ve done before and you’ll get the government you deserve. If you want to see a government that from the top down is fiscally responsible, socially conservative, and safeguards our borders, then its time to put your shoulder to the wheel. Nearly two hundred and thirty years ago, our Founding Fathers pledged their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to build this country. Can we not spare a few Big Macs and a few hours a year to save it?

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