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Picking the President, Part Four: What Can They Do?

Posted by Adam Graham on October 12, 2005

I’ve addressed the problems with 14 different candidates for President, why they’ll fail to unite all Conservatives and why they’re not the best candidate for the presidency.

In Part Five, I’m going to announce my pick for the Presidency, but before I do I have to acknowledge that I don’t know if that person will run. If they don’t, what could the candidates I’ve discussed due to have a shot at being the type of candidate our country needs?

The seven I discussed in part one are pretty much out of the question. Pro-partial birth abortion Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich’s personal character is so obviously unfit for the White House with their lack of integrity in the personal family lives. Tim Pawlenty and Mike Huckabee’s tax increases can’t be washed away, nor can more than a decade moving to the left by John McCain and George Pataki, or Bill Frist’s flip flops on stem cell research and his failed leadership of the Senate. In the second part, I think Chuck Hagel’s statements on the War in Iraq will not be easily forgotten. In the third part, there are things Tom Tancredo could do to make himself a more viable candidate but as his interest is merely in bringing the immigrant issue to the forefront.

Most candidates (with the exception of Tancredo) could improve their standing by talking about issues that really concern grassroots Conservatives such as immigration and spending. Whoever the Republican nominee in 2008 is, he must be dedicated to enforcing our immigration laws and securing the border. Failure to do so in the face of the dangers of terrorism is insane and suicidal. I think we ought to expect a Republican nominee to wipe the smug grin off Democrats face by coming forward with a five or six year plan to balance the nation’s budget, getting back to ideas like zero-based budgeting and a balanced budget Amendment. Really, for Senator Sam Brownback (R-Ks.) this is about all he needs to do. Others have some extra steps they need to take.

I think Mitt Romney could improve his standing for 2008 in 2006 by running for re-election as governor and winning, while also getting the anti-gay marriage Amendment passed. I and a lot of other Conservatives would respect him more. As it is, right now he looks like the little opportunist who could. Running to the center to get elected governor and shifting to the right to get us to vote for him for President.

Tommy Thompson could be a good candidate if he makes it clear that he won’t try and change the current policy on federal funding for Stem Cells and if he hits the ground running in Iowa with a bold program based on what he did back in Wisconsin.

Governor Haley Barbour (R-Ms.) has to basically take the same stance that Judge John Roberts took on his former clients, their views are not necessarily his. For Barbour to get the Conservative vote, he’s going to have to be tougher than anyone else on illegal immigration and government reform issues. Otherwise, he’s going to be seen as a mere Washington “good ole boy”.

Senator George Allen (R-Va.) simply needs to clarify his stance on abortion towards the pro-life position instead of a rather confused statements that have emerged in the past. His record indicates that he’ll appoint the right judges and sign pro-life legislation. He received strong praise from Alan Keyes at the 2004 BAMPAC reception at the Republican National Convention, so he’s not seen as the enemy by most pro-lifers. If he can clarify his position than I think many pro-lifers will accept him as a strong candidate.


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