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The Need For Courage

Posted by Adam Graham on October 20, 2005

On Redstate I posted Part 5 of My Picking the President series. TheBij who’d been following the series and reading my blog daily posted his response:

…though I had thought of him, is that I didn’t believe that someone would write (and very eloquently I might add) a 5 part, 3000+ word paper on Republican presidential nominees only to conclude by recommending Mike Pence.

Listen I LOVE Pence. I wouldn’t be suprised if he did end up becoming President someday (and I would jump with joy if it happened). But Pence would be committing presidential suicide if he ran in 2008. No one would take him seriously, and if he chose to run for the Senate or the Governorship of Indiana in the future, everyone would immediately think that he only wants the job as a stepping stone to the oval office.

Yes Rudy has only been elected on a municiple level. But it was as Mayor of NYC. Being mayor of NYC is worth more than being the governor of a state like Wyoming. NYC has a larger population and bigger budget than probably 35 states in the whole US.

Rudy also gets a bonus because of 9/11. People may already consider him to have foreign policy/defense/GWOT experience because of that. How many governors (much less a Congressman) can boast of Rudy’s background in this area?

Candidates like Rudy and Condi also have sky-high name recognition. Eveyone in American knows Rudy and Condi. No one in America knows who Mike Pence is, and that is not likely to change soon.

Listen I love Pence and would cry for joy if he became President someday. But if he runs in 2008 he WILL NEVER BECOME POTUS. He needs to become a Senator or Governor from Indiana first and then run.

I had a strong response. Maybe, it was too strong given the nice things he said. I hope not, but it had to be said. So here’s my response to these concerns beginning with name recongition:

Remember Jimmy Carter? Heck. Remember Howard Dean. No one knew who he was at the start of 2003, but had the primary been held December he would have been the Democratic nominee for President.

I don’t know what value it is having been Governor of Vermont, but its not much. He was able to come near the top with a very effective grassroots organization.

It fell apart, but that was becuase of Dean’s own personal failings. The guy who loved the New Testament book of Job and was the candidate of guys with the Confederate Flag in their pick-up imploded his campaign, but the way he built it was sound.

A wise man once said, “Fortune goes with the bold.” Conservatives want to know why they’re losing, its because they’re afraid. They play by “the rules” arbitrary things political scientists have told us, rather than putting out someone who inspires us and makes us want to do everything we can to build a better country. That’s what I see in Mike Pence.

There’s a certain requirement in our political lives. We need passion, we need energy and we need, more than anything else. people who believe in making this country better.

The nomination of Rudy Giuliani for President will be the end of the Republican Party. I swear before God and man, for this time forward and forever more, that it will be a cold day in Hell before I back Rudy Giuliani for President of the United States. He doesn’t have the character nor the understanding of our nation’s moral life or the steps that must be taken if we will remain a free people.

We’re to sit here to play games with all these politicians until we’re sufficiently satisfied that Mike Pence has enough experience.

How high will the debt be by then? 12 trillion? 20 trillion?

America needs a change. Pro-partial birth abortion candidate Rudy Giuliani who has received the nomination of New York’s Liberal Party in past runs is not the change we need.

We need a leader. Someone who understand key American values and will stand up for them. Remember how Bush was to be our savior who would lead us to the promised land of wide majorities in Congress and a huge Republican presidential win? We’ve just had the two closest consecutive Presidential races in our nation’s history. As for our majorities in Congress, we have as many Senators now as we did in 1999 before Bush took office.

How long are we going to listen to people who’ve got a formula for winning? They’ve got a plan that’s a surefire way to guarantee our victory…but it never happens.

You end up sitting here, griping about the deficit, complaining about the awful court picks, whining about all the things the President does wrong. Yet, so many people who are complaining now, upset now, concerned now are prepared to do the exact same thing again.

I believe Pence will work because he hasn’t been in Washington an incredibly long time. He remembers what its like to be a human being, rather than just a politician and he has a way of speaking principles which we risk forgetting forever.

We can make name recognition. We have the power, its just a question whether we have the courage and the imagination to do it. Because I believe we can do better than we’ve gotten the past 8 years. Let us not put off until tomorrow what we can do today.

I’d add that Pence is not going to be a joke candidate if we get him the support required to make this a serious campaign. It only takes a few Americans pledging action, putting aside a little bit of money every month, and becoming involved in their local Republican parties to get the job done.

The question is whether we will whine and say, “We can’t,” or with courage and integrity do the improbable and in the process save our Republic for generations unborn.


2 Responses to “The Need For Courage”

  1. Michael [Visitor] said

    I used Carter to defend my choice of Mitt Romney. Mark my words , Mitt will be part of the ticket .

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    I wouldn’t necessarily put Romney in the same place as Carter. One of my concerns about Romney is that he may not be re-elected governor with his move to the right, thus why he’s talking about not seeking another term to run for President.

    Carter was a one-term governor, but he was term-limited out. Electing someone whose only experience was 1 term as governor and where he would have likely lost casts a shadow of doubt in my mind.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind Romney as VP providing the presidential nominee was conservative.

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