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Posted by Adam Graham on October 23, 2005

Harry Lear ran for Idaho State Senate in my new district back in ’04. Just in case he runs again, I’d urge all Idahoans to check out his website and his stance on confirming Chief Justice Roberts:

Should the Senate confirm nominee John Roberts as Chief Justice? Absolutely not. While Roberts is a nice guy, he prays with the Vatican every Sunday. I read the Da Vinci Code and I understand the moral philosophy of the Catholic Church which, when the chips are down and Roberts must choose to violate Church canon and risk going to Hell for not reversing Roe v Wade, you can bet John the good Catholic is going to draw to his inside straight and vote away a woman’s private property rights to her own body. Besides, we’re not looking for nice guys to be on the U.S. Supreme Court. We’re looking for tough guys. Tough guys with compassion like Humphrey Bogart who can slap around the bad guys and tell a good-looking dame, “Here’s looking at you, babe.”

Not only is Mr. Lear an anti-Catholic bigot. (Apparently he’s still living in pre-1960s America) but he’s also not knowledgable on movies either. Bogart’s line is, “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

I could go on about the insanity of someone saying a Supreme Court Justice should be like “Bogey” and basing views of the Catholic Church off a work of fiction. If he runs again, let the record show he’s officially an anti-Catholic bigot and unknowledgable about movie history to boot!


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