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Victory in Jesus: Losing the Battle to Win the War

Posted by Andrea Graham on November 9, 2005

Be of good cheer, Brethern, Brandi may have lost her bid for city council, but we have not lost the war. Not by a long shot, the fight has only just begun. If anything, in the Heavenlies, I strongly believe God is stamping this race “Mission Accomplished.” This race wasn’t about winning this battle, it was about rallying the troops to tear down demonic strongholds.

Jesus Christ’s greatest victory came out of his greatest defeat–betrayed by his own and crucified. I won’t compare them, that wouldn’t be fair to Brandi, but the same principle applies. The days ahead may be dark, but God will bring the victory on our “third day,” just as He did for His Son.

Today, we are as David when he fled before Saul. God has rejected the old king and annointed a new, but the old still sits on the throne. By the way, I’m not talking about Ms. Jordan, this is much bigger than one city council race. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

Some reading this are probably thinking: Jesus is the King, the Son of David, the Branch of Jessie. Yes, He is, and we are His body. That’s why we’re a republic, beloved. The throne belongs to all of us.

Brethern, take your eyes off what you see around you and remember God’s promises. His arm is not shortened. Do not let the Prince of this Age decieve you, things do not have to just get worse and worse until Jesus comes back. Letting the world go to pot will not bring him back one second sooner, all it will do is put us through more misery while we wait for the appointed hour–which no man knoweth.

It’s time the Church shrugged off her apathy and took a stand. The Darkness has retreated every time we have.

“Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

–James 4:7b


3 Responses to “Victory in Jesus: Losing the Battle to Win the War

  1. Princess Talibania loses by a 7-to-3 margin and you’re saying “God is stamping this race ‘Mission Accomplished.'”? For once, I have to agree with you. It seems that God, working through the votes of 70% who voted, chose experience and education over looks and religious credentials.

    Ah, sweet off-year elections. Brandi loses Boise City Council. Democrats win governorships in New Jersey and Virginia. Schwarzenegger’s four initiatives go down in defeat. Maine rejects attacks to their gay rights laws. Dover, PA sacks all of the Intelligent-Design-Is-Our-Type-of-Science (IDIOTS) supporters off their school board. Maybe you’re right. God is tearing down demonic strongholds.

    (OK, so you got a redundant anti-gay marriage amendment in Texas and the Kansas IDIOTS redefined “science” to no longer be limited to the search for natural explanations for phenomena. You can have Texas. As for Kansas, I wonder if they realized that according to their new definition, astrology, tarot, occult, ghosts, demons, and voodoo are now scientific explanations for phenomena?)

  2. You speak of things you know not. Of course, you literally want the world to go to pot, or to legalize it at least. (Sorry, bad pun, I couldn’t resist.)

    BTW, God is breaking down demonic strongholds through the campaign. I just spent most of Tuesday cold calling. A few years ago, I couldn’t even pick up a phone to call a friend.

    Oh, yes, I did say in my piece the “old king” so to speak is still in power. You speak of the “carnal” (christianese for the visible world,) but I spoke of spiritual things, which, to my knowledge, you consider foolishness.

  3. Adam Graham [Member] said

    I was in campaign headquarters every night for the last week of the election. There was a lot of grassroots involvement in this campaign, a lot of committed people coming together across denominational lines. Though they missed some of the traditional faith people, we had a very good group of faithful folks.

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