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The Pick the President Open Trackback Party #1

Posted by Adam Graham on November 22, 2005

Rather than constantly promoting my book (shown below), I’ve decided to up the ante on this trackback party. We’re hosting a Presidential Strawpoll for the next three weeks here at Adam’s Blog.

Here’s the Poll and you’ll notice there’s a few differences between this and other polls.

1) This poll has no Condi Rice, no Jeb Bush, and no Marc Sanford. The reason for this is that these candidates have already declared themselves not in the running and I see no point whatsoever having a poll with candidates who’ve said no in the strongest possible terms.

2) This poll is set up using Single Transferable Vote. While of debatable merit in real life elections, in this pre-presidential poll, it answers some important questions. My poll lists 15 candidates for President, the odds of all running are quite thin. With STV, if a Candidate finishes in last place their votes are transferred to their second preference which means that we can see who may have a chance of garnering a majority of Republican votes.

3) For Reference you can read my Picking the President series where I endorse Mark Pence, but I discuss all 15 Candidates in this poll.

Now, welcome to today’s open post/open trackbacks thread. There’s two things you can do today or Wednesday (trackbacks received after Midnight, Thursday morning will not be linked to or trackbacked):

1) Post about anything that’s in good taste. No porn, no spam, no profanity.

2) Send me a trackback of any tasteful post you want and as soon as I check my blog, I’ll update this post with your link provided you link back to this thread.

For your convenience, here’s the URL of this post:

And the Trackback:

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Linking In:

From The Real Ugly American

From France: What Fires? What Riots?
It is a matter of riots in certain neighborhoods around urban centers, those infamous ghettos which one finds in American Cities too. Elsewhere life goes on as usual.
The Truth Laid Bear (who apprently wants to boost his ecosystem standing):

Open Posts & Inline Trackbacks
Ok folks, time for some serious “inside-baseball” of the blog variety. If you’ve never heard of an “open trackback” or “link party”, you should probably just skip right on by this post. Recently, I’ve been noticing that the phenomenon of…

From The Land of Ozz:

Open Trackback Alliance – Bonus tracks
These are bonus tracks from my technical blog for all those who linked to my main blog today.

From Random Yak:

Turkeyday News: Sen. Boxer (D)ou(b)ted
A turkey was reported running loose in the Washington, D.C. office of Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) Monday, but when investigators arrived Sen. Boxer was the only one there. No one will be charged with making a false report. Edit: Randomyak: 11/2
From Don Surber:

Et Tu, NZ Bear?
OSM, PJM, PB&J whatever seeks to stifle us. Now TTLB follows up. Actual emails
Dear NZ Bear:
My understanding is your new spam filters mean linkfests no longer count as links. That is most unfortunate and discouraging to startup blogs
Thank you,

From Stuck on Stupid:

Fox News Won’t Air “Factually Incorrect” Alito Ad
From Factually incorrect ad will not be aired on Fox News Fox News Won’t Air Anti Alito Ad: Fox News is refusing to air an ad critical of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, citing its lawyers’ contention that the spot is factually incorrect…..

From Mediacrity

Big Boo-Boo In the Times
Big, fat boo-boo in the New York Times today, and it will be interesting to see what if anything is done to correct it.

Pajama Cat with:

The Whole OSM Thing
Don Surber has a round-up of reactions to the Open Source Media project. Included is the story of the co-founder left behind in the dust, a possibly-unintended snub to a major player, and more than one post about the general…

The Uncooperative Blogger with:

Iran Hiding Nuke Program in Tunnels
From an AP article on FNC:
Iran has expanded the tunnels it uses to hide a major part of its nuclear weapons program to a network covering a large area of southeastern Tehran, an Iranian exile who opposes that nation’s Islamic government said M…

Mensa Barbie Welcomes You with:

Freedom Folks with

Indiana Illegals to Demand Driver’s Licenses
Illegals are planning to march on December 12th in Indianapolis to demand their “rights” to obtain driver’s licenses.

Iris Blog with:

Hizbut Tehrir Behind French Intifada
IRIS was probably the first to make a comprehensive case that the discontent and separatist hatred expressed in the French riots were exploited by Islamists and channelled into an intifada. I predicted that over time the facts would make this much clearer

Is it Just Me:

Cheney’s Unspoken Message To Opposition
Breaking News: CNN will not get the last subliminal word in. This found via the open media network CSPAM.

Third World County with:

Still MIA: Free Kerry’s 180
Actually, MIA could be overstating the case. Haven’t seen any real action on this one, yet!

Dummiecrats with:

World Caliphate Museum Exhibit Opens
Fill in the blanks in this future news article – post your nominations in the comments. ————————————————————————————- 7/26/1452 Anno Hegirae (11/21/2030 Anno Domini) MECCA (Al Jazeerah) – World Ca…

The Florida Masochist with:

Memo to Chris Matthews and all 9-11 apologists
It is time for you and others in MSM or anywhere else to be honest for once about what is being dealt with today. You’re an intelligent man, who if you’d think of Christine Hanson for one minute you would understand what I wrote above. Instead I feel…


Go ahead move!
He’s a millionaire, I’m not and neither are most Floridians. The state of Florida is right in rejecting his request for a stadium. If he don’t want to play at Dolphins stadium, let him go elsewhere. Las Vegas won’t build him a stadium either.

Provoking Civil Unrest
“The planned turnover of the complex to the Iraqi Ministry of Finance and the provincial government will be a landmark event highlighting the increased capability of the Iraqi government to administer and govern itself…


A Child’s Creativity
.. Although I can not imagine what kind of stress these small children must experience during these tough times, I do know that the creative channel of Art can help heal every living thing…

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