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President Gingrich? Open Trackbacks

Posted by Adam Graham on November 25, 2005

Picture above is the current winner in my 2008 Republican Primary Poll. However, there’s more than 2 weeks of voting and your vote matters in this poll, so if you haven’t voted, please vote now.

I should note that you’ll notice there’s a few differences between this and other polls.

1) This poll has no Condi Rice, no Jeb Bush, and no Marc Sanford. The reason for this is that these candidates have already declared themselves not in the running and I see no point having a poll with candidates who’ve said no in the strongest possible terms.

2) This poll is set up using Single Transferable Vote. While of debatable merit in real life elections, in this pre-presidential poll, it answers some important questions. My poll lists 15 candidates for President, the odds of all running are quite thin. With STV, if a Candidate finishes in last place their votes are transferred to their second preference which means that we can see who may have a chance of garnering a majority of Republican votes. This is important because a lot of candidates start only to drop out before the first primary or even after some of those pre-primary events like the Iowa Strawpoll.

3) For Reference you can read my Picking the President series where I endorse Mark Pence, but I discuss all 15 Candidates in this poll.

Today’s poll is brought to you by:

The Screwtape Reports

Now, welcome to today’s open post/open trackbacks thread. There’s two things you can do today or Saturday or Sunday (trackbacks received after Midnight, Morday morning will not be linked to ):

1) Post about anything that’s in good taste. No porn, no spam, no profanity.

2) Send me a trackback of any tasteful post you want and as soon as I check my blog, I’ll update this post with your link provided you link back to this thread.

For your convenience, here’s the URL for our thread:

And here’s the Trackback:

Note, there have been concerns by many regarding the TTLB ecosystem rankings and whether participating in Open Trackbacks will help their rankings. The answer here at Adam’s Blog is 100% affirmative. Links that are not being considered for improving people’s ecosystem ranking are those which use “inline trackbacks”. As I copy each link directly into the body of the message, this policy change will have no effect on our links back to you being counted.

I would add though, the primary benefit of Open Trackback parties is not in the TTLB ranking system. It is in the opportunity to have your work read and discover new blogs. (Just as with Blog Carnivals.) I wanted to go ahead and highlight some great blogs I’ve found through these open posts:

Don Surber
Mensa Barbie Welcomes You
Jack Yoest
Point Five Blog

And there are a lot more that have had interesting reads every now and again. So if you have anything you want to get some more attention, then just follow the instructions above.

Other Trackback Parties:
Oblogatory Anecdotes
Don Surber
The Business of America is Business
Caos Blog
Mudville Gazette
Common Folks Using Common Sense
Is it Just Me
Stop the ACLU
Right Nation
Bright and Early
The Political Teen
The Right Nation
One Big Dog
TMH Bacon Bits
Peakha’s Provocations

Linking In:

From Socalpundit

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From Atlantic Review:

Genocide: U.S. calls for more sanctions against Sudan, but Germany sees business opportunities
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From The Random Yak:

Link Logic in the new (eco) system
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The Florida Masochist with:

Black ‘Insane’ Friday
Neither the wife nor I went to the malls this morning. After reading this news from the Sun-Sentinel, we’re glad we didn’t.

Stuck on Stupid with:

The Beer Goggle Effect
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The Business of America is Businesswith:

TTLB, Open TrackBacks, and Social Network Analysis
Effective immediately, The Truth Laid Bear will no longer included trackbacks from Open Track Back parties in the TTLB Ecosystem rankings. I posted my thoughts on the matter in the comments section of his post on this matter. I have…

Don Surber with:

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Picking up on some intellectual journal (Caries Research — on your magazine stand between FHM and Maxim) Reuters reports that cranberries may prevent tooth decay.
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Opponents Didn’t Care If He Had WMD
The WMD argument is tiresome and dishonest. Opposition to the liberation of Iraq in 2002 had nothing to do with WMD.
Consider the arguments in the debate over the war resolution the war on Oct. 10, 2002.
Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., opposed the war bec…

Freedom Folks with

I’m A Capitalist…But


The Toll of Illegal Immigration
MJ shares a horrifying account of the hidden costs and dangers of illegal immigration

This just in WaPo pleasures Western Growers!


Please, Sir, May I Have Some More?
Before anyone lets rip with the racist, nativist, fascist, brownshirt, xenophic

as well as

Reid, Harry Reid
Super secret agent Senator Harry Reid recently returned to the country from another super secret mission to protect our liberty and way of life.

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One Response to “President Gingrich? Open Trackbacks”

  1. Good policy
    And people always get links from me, unlike a certain Established major player (not Stop the ACLU or Basil or Political Teen — they are cool)
    Check your linkbacks at TTLB

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