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Home Schoolers: The Flexible Heroes

Posted by Adam Graham on January 2, 2006

Alessandra over at Virtue Blog has the story of this year’s new American Girl’s “Girl of the Year” doll being homeschooled. Alessandra asked whether this was a new highlight for homeschoolers.

Compared to Home Schoolers taking home national prizes in the National Spelling and Geography bees, I’ll have to say no. Even, in terms of media, its probably not all that big. Jess (the girl doll) is homeschooled with a reason, her parents are exploring Aztec ruins. In that same vain, CBS had a series a few years back with a homeschool family as the lead characters. Promised Land was such a show, although it went lengths to not be seen as promoting homeschooling. The mother had a teaching degree and whenever they were stopped somewhere for more than a week or two she’d be teaching in the public school.

However, the Jess doll raises an interesting point. If authors are trying to be realistic in writing kids fiction, real homeschoolers may make more promising characters unless you want to make every story happen either in Summer or around Christmas break. When you’re homeschooling, life happens and you schooling in along with life. Such a scenario works rather than telling me the adventures of a kid whose got seven hours of school, two hours riding the bus, and two hours of homework. Exactly when does the adventure fit in?

I might mention something a bit more serious. How are kids in public school getting educated? Kids spend so much of their day in classrooms, walking to class, in many cases bored out of their minds. Home Schooling sets free a lot of potential. I know of many homeschooling families that were involved in a lot of extraciricular activities, yet the kids still had time to play and have fun. Indeed, when I look at the kids who’ve grown up homeschooling, I feel a sense of pride and hope. When the homeschooling kids of the 1990s become the leaders of the 21st Century, that will be the greatest highlight of homeschooling imaginable.


2 Responses to “Home Schoolers: The Flexible Heroes”

  1. Excellent post! I especially agree with your comments about how kids spend spend seven hours in school, two hours on the bus and two hours on homework, and how a lot of this is wasted time with kids being bored out of their minds. I know from first hand experience that this is absolutely true. You would not believe how much wasted time there is in the public school system’s day, and how many kids are bored out of their minds, don’t pay attention, waste time, aren’t challenged enough, etc. And like you said, where is there any time for actual “adventure” to fit in?

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Yeah, like starting your own magazine. ;)

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