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Say Good Night, Mr. Robertson

Posted by Adam Graham on January 8, 2006

When exactly did 700 Club show host Pat Robertson jump the shark? Was it his agreement with Jerry Falwell in blaming feminists, witches, and lesbians for September 11th? His sympathetic statement on the 1-child policy in China? His call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez?

Regardless of when it happened, its time for him to plan his retirement from the 700 club. What has become obvious in Robertson’s recent public pronouncements is that he lacks the good judgment required to host the most prominent Christian TV talk show in the world.

Robertson often has a point in his statements. Yes, Hugo Chavez is a danger to the stability of the region, but Robertson’s call for assassination was over the top. Yes, God raises up leaders and he casts down leaders. He governs in the affairs of men. However to make the judgment that God decided he didn’t like the way Ariel Sharon was handling the peace process and decided to give him a stroke was presumptuous.

In calling for Robertson to leave, I don’t want to pile on. Robertson isn’t just some nutjob as many allege. As he steps into his latter years, he leaves behind a complex legacy. He’s a Christian Citizen Kane, an American original who has achieved much in a life of ministry and politics.

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2 Responses to “Say Good Night, Mr. Robertson”

  1. On a corrective note, I don’t think THE NEW WORLD ORDER ever rejected the pre-trib rapture…

    I tend to agree that Robertson’s problem is likely due to senility and a lack of common sense. It is a shame because Robertson has done much good for the Christian world, and in years’ past he also proved to be incredibly astute politically.

    He is a liability to the very network that he founded…he needs to be gently put out to that ole Christian conservative pasture.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Well, in Robertson’s Book, “The End of the Age” he portrays Christians going through the tribulation, so he’s more Post-Trib Pre-Millenial.

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