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Love It Or Lose It

Posted by Adam Graham on January 15, 2006

Democrats are salivating over the possibility of Congressional Republicans suffering in the wake of the Jack Abramoff scandal. Unable to win on the merits, Democrats hope to drive a scandal-ridden majority from power. After all in the early 90s, the House Bank Scandal cost Democrats control of the House while the Keating Five Scandal did them in the Senate.

Well, not exactly. The Democrats lost nine seats in the House in 1992 (due in part to redistricting) and the only Keating Five Democratic Senator to seek re-election won it. As such, the talk of a Republican collapse in this scandal (in which John Kerry accepted $80,000+ of Abramoff linked cash) is little more than inconsequential Beltway banter.

The Democrats will lose another election because the closest they get to being appealing is when they’re appalling. This is not to say Republicans deserve to win, quite the contrary. They run up a $400 billion dollar deficit each year for which there is no other explanation than an utter lack of fiscal responsibility. There are excuses, but the Hurricanes and the War on Terror don’t explain why the Ship of State is floating on a sea of red, or at least why the sea is so deep.

The American people instinctively know the Democrats would do no better, which is why Republicans stay in power. I’m grateful Democrats don’t come to office, but I’m not particularly happy with the Republicans that do.

Herman Cain has a book out about America’s political elites called, “They Think You’re Stupid.” It’d be more accurate to say that they know you’re apathetic. Political consultants and candidates plan on the fact that people will not read up on the issues and won’t figure out where the candidates stand. Instead, people rely on things such things as name recognition and yard signs, or whether a candidate stumbles and says something stupid towards the end of the campaign.

We take freedom for granted. We can’t see its fragility or why its been said that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. It is that vigilance that watches over government and holds the Napoleons, Caesars, and Aaron Burrs of the world in check.

Term limits advocates believe they can make up for the apathy of the American people by forcing out incumbents who don’t deserve re-election. Yet, if the people are making poor, uninformed choices, how can we expect the replacement congressman to be any better?

Its time for us to change. If you can’t be an informed voter, don’t vote. Vote for what you really want. If you want honesty in government, stop voting for smooth-talking candidates who tell you whatever you want to hear. If you want a candidate who’ll not be a puppet of special interests than don’t cast a primary vote for a candidate based on their ability to raise money from special interests. If you want some who’ll put the country ahead of politics, than don’t vote for a candidate who’ll do anything to win.

We all claim to love our country, but we play risky games with its future. Loving America means more than getting warm fuzzies on the Fourth of July.

Doubtless, several members of Congress will be indicted in the scandal. People across the country will mock the fallen leaders as crooks and fools. Yet, what does that say for the fools who elected them?

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