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The New Nationalism

Posted by Adam Graham on March 30, 2006

In the midst of the apathy and blah of our current political environment, I’ve been wondering where the next Ross Perot would come from. The answer has become apparent in recent days. Mark it on your calendars for 2008, the issue will be nationalism, the candidate is to be named later.

What has happened in America that political elites have chosen to ignore illegal immigration, but ordinary Americans can not. Illegal Immigration has grown over the past decade from an issue that Pat Buchanan and some Californians care about to one which effects the whole nation due to bipartisan mismanagement of the nation’s immigration policy.

As I saw the pictures of students blocking the Freeway and Mexican flags being waived over an upside down Old Glory, my mind was filled with anger. I was shocked by the hubris of people who violated our nation’s laws demanding their rights. If they want their rights, they begin with the following words, “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a Court of Law.”

As I watched these Illegals protest, angrily demanding their rights, I realized these are the not the people we need America. They are unapologetic for violating our nation’s laws, which is why deportation is called for. Do we need more people in this country who can’t take responsibility for their actions? We have more than enough homegrown irresponsible people, thank you very much.

The response of the Senate Judiciary Committee in approving the outrageous McCain-Kennedy bill, with its massive amnesty of illegal immigrants is not only politically deaf, but foolhardy. It has become apparent that neither party has much understanding to deal with this issue forthrightly. Democrats have built their party’s strength in California by declaring GOP immigration control efforts as racist. The Republican leaders want to reach Hispanic voters and both parties want to avoid ticking off the business and agriculture community.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Ambivalence about the War in Iraq has grown even in Conservative circles. Even some who understand we have to finish this war are upset that we’ve expended countless billions of dollars and the blood of thousands of Americans to free another country. Our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren will continue to pay the finance charges of our recent foreign adventures. In addition, to this, the issue of effectiveness has been put on the table with Afghanistan’s mistreatment of Christians. The question on the minds of many Republicans today is, “Did we really expend lives so that Christians could be persecuted by the Karzai Government instead of the Taliban?”

I see a new movement on the horizon. It’ll be as big or bigger than Ross Perot. It saw its beginnings in the special election in California where Minutemen Founder Jim Gilchrest ran a strong Campaign for Congress as an Independent and received endorsements from Republicans including immigration Alan Keyes and Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Co.) There’s millions of people who are concerned about border security, yet the major political parties castigate them falsely as anti-Hispanic.

This is a politically correct shield for ideological bullies to silence their opposition and avoid a real debate. For example, in Canyon County, Idaho, Commissioner Robert Vasquez is the state’s toughest opponent of illegal immigration. The issue is not racism, but rather one of nationalism. It is the idea that we, as a sovereign nation can set laws that must be respected regarding entry into our country and that those who immigrate here should be prepared to become part of the American Culture. We are not the world’s nurse maid, but rather its greatest power. As such, a group of foreigners has no right to enter our nation in contravention of our laws and demand anything of us. The Nationalist position is that as a country, we must preserve our language, cultures, and borders.

Though, I don’t look forward to it, I believe the GOP is set for a split over the issue of Nationalism. The common sense divide between the Republican leadership and the Republican base is the width of the Grand Canyon. Republicans seem incapable of getting a clue. They’re out of step, not only with their base, but with the majority of the American people. As such, there’s rough waters ahead.

All Things Beautiful is asking for people’s opinion on these issues.

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