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The Rough Season for Politics

Posted by Adam Graham on October 14, 2006

This is the rough season for politics. I’ve invested a lot of myself in some of the campaigns out there including Bill Sali and the Keep the Commandments Campaign. As a Republican, I don’t like the idea of a Speaker Pelosi. Don’t like it with a passion.

Perhaps, the worst thing that happens this time of year is that politicians of all stripes act like the very future of mankind hinges on the result of the election. Sometimes, it’s like, “Didn’t I help save the World in 2004?” Mankind must truly be fragile.

On the other hand, I’m not going to that tempting other extreme. You know so many of the other blogs are full of the doom and gloom. Republicans to lose 30 seats, landslide, avalanche, etc.

So, rather I plug away and I do the best job I can do as a blogger and as an activist. I’m only one man and can do what I can.

So, I’m resisting the urge at pessimism, fighting the best I can for what I believe in, hoping for the best, and prepared for the worst. And that, I would hope would be everyone’s plan of action.


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