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7 Reasons to Back John Cox for President

Posted by Adam Graham on December 18, 2006

After much thought and prayer over this election, I’ve accepted the position of Idaho State Coordinator for the John Cox Presidential Campaign. While this may seem a questionable move to some, I have my reasons:

1. John Cox is dedicated to the reduction of government spending and reforming the way Washington works. He believes in reigning in an out-of-control federal government. He also advocates passing the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Federal Constitution and a line item veto.

2. He understands we cannot reward those who break our nation’s laws and that we also shouldn’t create a permanent underclass in our country. He’ll say no to amnesty and to a guest worker program.

3. He’s 100% pro-life and pro-family.

4. As a CPA and investment professional, he understands the mess our nation’s tax and social security systems is in. He believes we need to get rid of the IRS with a Fair Tax and bring needed reform to Social Security.

5. John Cox has leadership experience in the private sector as a businessman who helped turn around a failing company in the ‘90s, served as president of his parish’s school, and a member of his public school council. He understands that all wisdom does not come from government. Given the utter arrogance of our politicians in Washington, this is a needed change.

6. He’s not a part of the political establishment. Both sides have created a mess, and I believe electing an outsider like Mr. Cox can be key to cleaning it up.

7. He’s shown himself a serious candidate. He’s invested his own money to start this campaign and to get his message out. He now has dedicated grassroots coordinators in thirty states, and it is more than a year until the first caucus. He has grasped the idea that those who wait until 2007 to start thinking about a run for the White House will not succeed.

He has placed the future of this campaign in the hands of the American people. It will be the American people who will decide whether to provide the financial support necessary to conduct a successful campaign. It will be the American people who will decide whether to vote for Mr. Cox. The candidacy of John Cox will rest on the reaction of the American people, not the dictates of party bosses.

Additional Thoughts

Some will consider this a pointless exercise. I can hear commenters typing already, “John Cox can’t win.” Of course many of these same folks were typing just a few short months ago, “George Allen can’t possibly lose in Virginia.”

I’m not going to claim that John Cox will have a cakewalk to the Presidency, or even that he’ll win. Unlike other political commentators, I make no claim as a clairvoyant. I don’t know what will happen in the next fifteen months or so. All I know to do is to support the candidate who best represents my values and beliefs, while leaving the results in the Hands of God.

We are only guaranteed to fail when we refuse to try. John Cox is building a grassroots organization to fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party in every state in the Union. He has committed to the cause of conservatism, and conservatives should respond in kind, by joining this effort to create a better Country for ourselves and our posterity.

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2 Responses to “7 Reasons to Back John Cox for President”

  1. Julie in Boise [Member] said

    Congrats, Adam. Two questions:

    Has Alan Keyes decided not to run?

    And in the interest of full disclosure, is this a paid position?

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    1) He’s not announced. After the 2004 Illinois Senate race, I wouldn’t expect it. In addition, my big feeling is the need to get started early. Dr. Keyes has given no indication and generally only gets involved if he feels there’s no other choice. He’s been asked to run, four of his campaigns. I will not in anyway attack Dr. Keyes in this campaign should he choose to run, but I’ve got to commit to those who are ready to go and are committed.

    2) Yes, you’re right about disclosure. There is no base pay with this position. There is, however, compensation for meeting certain benchmarks for the state organization as well as fulfilling certain tasks. In addition, reimbursements are provided.

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