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Goodbye, Hans

Posted by Adam Graham on January 2, 2007

Hans Zieger, one of my fellow Renew America columnists is bowing out:

For a while, I have contemplated writing this column but haven’t had the full sensibility to do it yet. I began submitting columns online at age seventeen, back in the year 2002. I began the process with the hubris of a budding pundit and kept the habit until now, with a declining sense of the value of this kind of writing. Now I am twenty-one and about 21 percent half-educated.

I now know at least this: I don’t know enough to be weekly offering my opinions as though possessed of some eminence. There is a thousand times more sense in one of Seneca’s ancient moral sketches or Joseph Addison’s essays three hundred years ago than in the freshest columns I could put forth on any topic. Wisdom is better nurtured in the memorization of Solomon’s Proverbs than the attempt to produce new proverbs for the age of YouTube and iPod. The Bible is better for the soul than the morning newspaper…

Regret is not the word for lessons learned. I have learned that punditry, for all of its good sense every now and then, is not my calling.

I may write again, soon, but without regularity. And without the hastiness that is the temperament of the internet.

Well, the Bible is better for the soul than the newspaper for sure. But as the man said, “I read the Bible and the New York Times, so I know what both sides are doing.” :)

Hans has learned to be a class act gentleman and a credit to the scouts and his family. He’ll be missed and I’ll look forward to seeing what’s next for him.


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