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Blame Hollywood?

Posted by Adam Graham on January 19, 2007

Clayton Cramer disagrees with Dinesh D’Souza’s assertion that Hollywood and America’s cultural left are a key reason why the Muslim world hates America.

Cramer points out that while the left may be offensive to Muslisms, and while Sayyid
Qutb (a man who was influential on both Osama Bin-Laden and Mohammad Atta) may have returned to Egypt in a huff over America’s morality, Britney Spears isn’t driving Radical Islam’s war, given the timing of Qutb’s visit:

So where did poor Qutb end up? Disco era New York City or Los Angeles?
Did he wander into a strip club? Perhaps he got lost at a gay pride parade?

No, Greeley, Colorado. In 1950. Oh yeah, that’s a wild, depraved, and
sexually promiscuous place! Pretty obviously, what Qutb was doing was
projecting his own sexual desires for these American women with their
“round breasts… full buttocks…and… shapely thighs” in a period
that is among the more sexually restrained periods. Significantly, some
of the 9/11 hijackers spent their time in America, the land of the
depraved…visiting strip clubs.

I wouldn’t be too quick to defend Greeley in the ’50s. It is, after all, a college town, but I doubt it was as bad as today.

The one thing you have to remember about Al Qaeda and radical Islam is they’re not just attacking Western or Westernized people. They treat Christians who live in their own lands, who wear robes and other traditional dress, as second class citizens at best and bring acts of persecution against the same.

You can take a look as well at the Buddhist statues that were destroyed in Afghanistan and the pattern becomes clear. Radical Islam opposes all that is not Islam. Hollywood doesn’t help, but even without our current cultural decline, we’d be dealing with this situation. For crying out loud, America in the late 18th Century had to deal with the Barbery Pirates, and that was definitely a more modest era.


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