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Idaho Taking Care of the Homeless

Posted by Adam Graham on January 19, 2007

Randy Stapilus has an interesting fact that’s not being discussed in all of the focus on Idaho homelessness, 94% of our state’s homeless are “sheltered.” The total number out on the street: 332. Not a good number, but still better than some of the stories indicate.

Governor Otter had a quote in the Statesman story on this that deserves repeating:

Shelters, rehabilitation facilities and charitable organizations are vital to identifying individual needs and providing appropriate solutions, Otter said.

“But perhaps the most important element must be reaffirming and strengthening the bonds of family,” he said. “If we as individuals are unwilling to extend a caring hand to those closest to us, whether it’s our relatives or members of our church congregation, then there is little chance that government can make a lasting difference.”

The Governor hits the nail on the head. Sadly, a great deal of Boise society is not tied into any community and due to the fact that so many people come from all over, even many of our churches lack that sense of community. Building this is going to be key to fighting homelessness when and where it occurs.


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