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Republicans Save the First Amendment

Posted by Adam Graham on January 19, 2007

A controversial provision of a good reform bill that would have required many political activists who inform the public and urge the public to contact Congress to register as “grassroots lobbyists” was defeated. See here for an accurate description of what this section would have done.

While, I’ve been clear that due to it’s requirement that in addition to lobbying more than 500 people that either $25,000 + a quarter be spent or be paid to you for your efforts, I couldn’t think of a blogger who’d be required to file the paperwork. Generally, it was going to mid-sized to large groups.

However, that is the way everything begins with government. You start out with the big fish so nobody cares and then you increase the net to get everyone registered as a “Grassroots Lobbyist.” who acquires too wide of an audience. When we’re dealing with the first Amendment, we cannot give government an inch for they will take a mile.

What I find interesting on this vote is how the 55-43 roll call turned out with 1 member of each party absent.

48 of 48 Republicans voted for the Amendment
43 of 50 Democrats voted against it.

Some of the remarkable “no” votes where those who would not have won without the support of big Internet advocacy groups such as Senator Jim Webb (D-Va.) and Senator Jon Tester (D-Mt.).

It does tell you something about which party is more afraid the people, whick would really like to discourage knowledgable watchdog groups from informing the American public of what’s going on in Washington. Ladies and gentlemen, your Democrat majority.

Hat Tip: Wizbang!

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