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March for Life 2007

Posted by Adam Graham on January 20, 2007

We went to the March for Life Today. It was my 11th March for Life and Andrea’s 5th. We had an interesting speaker. There were only two legislators there. One of which was one of my own, Democrat Branden Durst (D-District 18) (right):

Branden Durst

I give Rep. Durst points for sincerity in his beliefs and a willingness not to be a conformest to the desires of liberals in his party. While, he’s in a different party, I have to admire his dedication to stand up for what he believes in. And I was especially proud to have my represenative there.

Click here to listen to a special edition of the Adam Graham program featuring the speeches of Gerry Sweet (from Bill Sali’s office) and Pete Epsil of Democrats for Life.


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