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A Contradictory Message

Posted by Adam Graham on January 22, 2007

KIFI reports a bill from the last legislature that punishes women who use drugs while pregnant is back for another go-around:

BOISE – A state senator from southern Idaho intends to try again in passing a law making it a felony for pregnant women who use methamphetamine or other illegal drugs after a similar plan failed last year.

Republican Senator Denton Darrington of Delco says he plans to meet with Republican Representative Jim Clark of Hayden lake next week to work on the plan…

Last year’s bill would have made it possible for a pregnant women convicted of using meth, marijuana, LSD or other drugs to face up to five years of jail time and a $50,000 fine.

Now, I think the Senator’s bill is well-intentioned, but I have feeling that more than a lock-up will be needed to help these kids out and alleviate the problem being addressed. The damage done to kids will be real. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad idea for women who use drugs to be sent to jail, because being with a mother like that can be a very unsafe place for a child to be.

Still, it’s going to take raising awareness and getting people willing to become involved in the solution. Much of this will have to come from the Executive. The legislature alone won’t be able to cut it.

Of course, this will be challenged with some logical assertion behind it. How is it that society would have no problem if a mother has her child aborted, but would send her to jail for merely inflicting severe damage on the child?


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