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Durst He Be Pro-Life?

Posted by Adam Graham on January 23, 2007

A liberal blogger that I’ve never heard of is ticked off that Branden Durst showed up at the March for Life. He writes:

Newly minted representative Branden Durst (D-18) was at the so-called March for Life this month. Yet Rep Durst chose not to mention that on his website, blog or newsletter (I picked it up from a right-to-lifer’s poorly formatted blatherings). Could it be because he recognizes that his constituency would howl if they found out?

Actually, Rep. Durst hasn’t had much to say on either the last few days, so he must be trying to hide all of his activities. More likely, he has had no time to catch up on his blog since last Thursday.

I doubt his constituency would “howl.” Until this past election we sent a woman to the State House who was endorsed by Idaho Chooses Life (Julie Ellsworth.) So, I doubt most but the most extreme would mind.

As for the insult, when he has a blog award and half the traffic I do, we’ll talk.

Okay, I’ll allow that my representative might have different views on abortion than I do. But can’t he find a more healthy – dare I say, Democrat-like – way to express his view? Going to their rallies only legitimizes their offensive, even gruesome tactics.

So tell me, what’s un-Democratic about marching in the streets? Somebody tell Cindy Sheehan. As for gruesome tactics, yes, marching down the street is quite brutal.

Julie Fanselow chimed in, in the comments section:

This is a tough one. I recently learned Branden (That’s how he spells it) is a member of the Vineyard which, since he is a Democrat, surprised me. On the other hand …

The Democratic Party prides itself on being a big tent. I have a hard time with the idea that a small minority of Democrats want to deny women the right to choose whether and when to bear children – but if these people also believe that the Democratic Party is the one that best advocates for children (and all people) after they are born, then I can live with their anti-choice decisions.

That is the message for pro-lifers from the Democrats: come to the Democrat Party and be tolerated. Ah, that’s what everyone longs for: to be tolerated with open arms.

I’m somewhat shocked by the shock about Rep. Durst’s religion and his pro-life position. Before the election, Rep. Durst had a profile in the Statesman:

Member – Vineyard Boise, Initial Donor – Boise Watershed Exhibit, Founding Board Member – Democrats for Life of Idaho, and I have also been trained as a leader for Young Life and as a coach in youth soccer.

It’s also there in black and white. Were the Democrats just nominating people willy nilly with no clue where they stood on the issue or who they were? If not, why are they surprised that someone on the board of Democrats for Life of Idaho attends a pro-life rally where another board member of Democrats for Life spoke?

This is why Democrats lose in this state. They have no clue who this state is composed of! They make pro-life people feel unwelcome through language what Julie used.

I’ve only been Mr. Durst a couple of times and while I did not vote for him and don’t agree with him on numerous issues, I’ve been impressed by his intelligence and sincerity. He seems to be a special breed in politics: an honest man. The Democrats would be fools to toss him overboard or marginalize him.

I believe it’s the duty of all faithful Christians who are Mr. Durst’s constituents to pray for strength and courage to stand firm for what he believes in. As bad as losing an election is, it’s nothing compared to losing yourself.


Rep. Durst decided a frontal response on the blog where the issue originated. After defending his presence by the nature Pete Epsel’s controversial speech:

I might also mention that it is the Democratic Party that espouses to be the big tent party (as you mention). We as Democrats will never agree on every issue, nor should we. To this end, it is the anti-pro-life sentiment that will continue to push so called “religious” folks away from voting for our candidates (see Jerry Brady’s post election email).

At the end of the day, if we choose to fight amongst ourselves on this issue, we will get what we deserve, a more conservative Republican taking our spot in the legislature. I want to work with everyone in my district, and in some cases that might mean doing things that are unpopular with Democrats and other times doing things that are unpopular with Republicans.

Durst is right, but unfortunately for the Democrats, his words wlll fall on deaf ears.

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