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Brownback: Shrewd or Out of Touch with Reality

Posted by Adam Graham on January 29, 2007

Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Ks.) is all for states moving up their primaries:

Earlier presidential primaries in delegate-rich states such as California and Illinois would be a “good thing,” says Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, a contender for the GOP 2008 nomination. The change would get more people involved earlier, he says, and move away from a current setup he says is “stacked” toward just a few early primary states.

I do have to wonder what rock Senator Brownback has been hiding under the past few years. Early primaries in California, New York, etc. have not yielded a more informed electorate making it’s choices, but rather people tend to vote for whoever is ahead at the time. The effect has been to put more, not less, emphasis on Iowa and New Hampshire. Whereas as prior to 1988, people had time to really consider presidential picks. Ronald Reagan didn’t win his first primary until May.

The only way Brownback is being shrewd is if he’s hoping to use his fundraising contacts to raise so much money that only he can compete as the Conservative and he wants to make the task too hard for others to even consider entering. It’d be a flawed strategy, but nonetheless a strategy.

If it’s otherwise, then we definitely need a President who’s been paying more attention to the country than Sen. Brownback has.


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