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I Should Feel Responsible For What Others Did

Posted by Adam Graham on January 29, 2007

Binky Boy had a post that made me curious. He linked to a video and posted the following statement:

Now I would like to suggest an exercise for Idahoan liberals: try to describe this video to your conservative friends. Try to get them to watch it.

Do conservatives come away with a feeling of responsibility, a feeling of regret? Or do they instead turn the tables and point to the victims, as I would expect?

I, for one am not one to refuse to give an idea a fair hearing. So, I watched the video. It’s a short documentary on the attitude that many Blacks feel towards their skin color and heritage. Many expressed negative feelings and told of straightening their hair and trying to lighten their skin to look more White.

I could sympathize with the one young lady who said that she didn’t know where she came from. African Americans may know, “Africa.” but that’s like me knowing that my family came from “Europe.” Europe’s an awfully big place that’s different

from Poland to Ireland, but all of it is “Europe.” Tracing true African limeage is almost impossible, given that little thought was given to keeping track of where the slaves came from in Africa. It all should be noted that Africa is still, in many areas, a tribal region. Within the countries of Africa are several different tribes, each with a differing culture. It’s a sad fact of the sin of slavery that there’s no real way to heal his disconnection.

The question is whether I feel responsible for this. I’m going to answer, “No.” My family, as best I can understand, didn’t make it to the United States until after the Civil War. My father grew up in a melting class neighborhood in Spokane, Washington in the ’40s and ’50s, and ran with kids of all races and lamented that we didn’t have a more diverse area around where we lived. In Boise, I’ve attended a church where a Black man frequently led worship and sat on the board. How am I to blame for a process that began long before I was born?

If we want to throw out areas of blame, there are quite a few different people to blame. You can blame a liberal-dominated fashion culture that defines beauty in our culture. It’s them, not me, that demands straight hair and lighter skin.

Blame the liberal television media, for failing to produce a sufficient number of shows portraying positive black role models.

Blame the gangsta rappers for attempting to project a thuggish image of Blacks that even many Blacks can’t find appealing.

Blame those who turn Blacks into helpless victims of a White establishment, rather than a brave and determined people who suffered throught indignity with dignity, and who fought against all odds to claim this elusive thing called freedom.

Blame idiots who declare having good grades and getting ahead in life to be “acting White.”

Blame politicians who’d rather find people to blame than finding solutions.

Blame parents who by word and deed, fail to teach their children to be proud of their heritage.

But please don’t blame me and don’t expect people to feel responsible for what someone else did. We have racial problems that all sides of the racial divide need to come to grips with. Instead we just sit here and play silly little blame games.


Binky boy replied:

There is no blame there, there is a legitimate question. The liberals that I know do come away with a feeling of responsibility, a sense of regret to the situation that our society seems to be so deeply mired in.

But he never established how I am responsible. His argument seems to be, “I feel responsible and I feel guily, so every White Male ought to.”

Conservatives support racism through so many ways that it is impossible to list or understand them all. Some of the easier ones to spot are taxes, the mantra of “personal responsibility”, the dehumanization of Muslims translates onto all minorities, the support of racist militias and the leaders that they elect.

And notice how Twisted Binky Boy’s logic is. Personal responsibility is bad, taking responsibility for things you have nothing to do with is good. The militias are so 1990s and even they weren’t all racists, and they weren’t supported by all Conservatives. The only way up is through Personal Responsibility.

What the liberals want is no personal responsibility, so that people will fall back on government and live on the poverty plantation. The agenda of many liberals at it’s core is to keep blacks poor and uneducated with the goal of keeping them in the Democratic Party and keeping them in line, because something happens as people move into the middle, they start voting more like they’re class than their race and the libs can’t have that.

The agenda from the Binky boy wing of the party is to keep a strong racial divide in this country with the purpose of keeping Democrats in power. Democrats and Liberals have the solutions to Black poverty and the problem of Blacks, why haven’t they solved it? Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit. Every major center of African American population has been governed by liberals and/or Democrats for the past 40 years and the results: Black families are more broken up than ever, while people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson profit endlessly off the misery of the people they claim to represent.

Binky concludes:

Oh, and as a last parting shot, liberalism doesn’t legislate fashion. Capitalism does.

Oh please, give me a break. If Capitalism regulated fashion, pants would always be tight and the most popular skirts would go back and forth between just below and just above the knees to save price on cost. The liberal Hollywood elite and liberal Fashion Industry define to a great degree what people find as cool, chic, and sexy, and Capitalists follow suit by selling it.

Then d2 wrote in the comments:

Claims that liberals control american media have been repeatedly disproven over the years. So, anything further in that branch of his argument doesn’t matter. In a room of logic-minded people, we could stop right there.

No, not really. Follow the money. On average, 68% of contributions from big media go to Democrats and for movie production, that’s 87%. Your folks make the movies, plain and simple.

Shift to color or age or education or disabilities or any other aspect of self-image, and it always is liberals willing to put themselves into someone else’s shoes, always liberals eager to offer someone else a hand up.

Again, nonsense. Conservatives have backed things called “enterprise zones” and “empowerment zones” to open up opportunities to all Americans. d2 Liberals believe in government handouts to create dependency long-term while Conservatives support initiatives that will allow people to be Independent adults.

Given that Conservatives actually contribute more money to charity than liberals, it would seem that liberals prefer to give way other people’s money rather than their own.

Not only is this exercise missing from the conservative dialogue, (and conspicuously absent from that lame apologia above), but conservatives routinely demonize anyone that even asks what led to the acts of criminals, arabs, or anyone ‘bad’.

I never question what led an Arab to be an Arab, as I believe biology has something to do with that. The fact is that such questions in regards to Terrorists (not Arabs) leads us away from holding the terrorists responsible to try to reason with people who have shown a desire to do nothing other than destroy those who stand in their way. The why doesn’t change the fact that no one forced them to blow up the building or shoot a kid. They’re responsible for their own acts.

Though if d2 thinks one is demonized for asking questions about terrorists and criminals, she may want to try and asking, “Why is this person a homosexual?” some time.

For the record, it isn’t enough to not engage in bigotry. When you’re white and christian and male and healthy, you get advantages every moment you breathe. Welcoming chances to rebalance the scale is fundamentally the difference between that self-indulgent twaddle quoted above and progressives.

So I’m advantaged, even though I spent several years of my life living in trailer parks? I’m advantaged despite coming from a lower middle class background? Meanwhile the kids of Eddie Murphy are disadvantages because they’re Black?

What foolishness is that? Everyone should be judged by the content of their character as Dr. King put it. But some people have an ideological stake in keeping the race issue alive and kickin’.

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