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Democrats Can’t Maintain Dignity of the Senate

Posted by Adam Graham on January 30, 2007

The greatest job of a legislative majority is guaranteeing a smooth deliberative process. In a legistive function, the public are allowed to watch government in action, but they cannot be allowed to disrupt it. It is the job of a Chairman to maintain order, respect, and decorum for all who are their including the public. According to the Washington Times, the Dems can’t manage it:

At a hearing this morning called by Russ Feingold, Wisconsin Democrat, into whether Congress has the authority to end the war by cutting off funding, people wearing anti-war t-shirts and buttons filled four rows.

Several times they shouted down senators delivering their opening remarks. One woman demanded to know why President Bush’s daughter aren’t being sent to fight.

At one point, a row of women stood and held aloft a handmade banner calling for an end to the war. Several sat and wept.

Capitol Police were summoned but despite the disruptions, Democrats running the hearing permitted the protestors to remain.

Of course the protestor should know full well that no one is being sent to fight. They’ve all at one point or another volunteered.

But beyond that, Feingold and the Dems sent a clear message: we will tolerate disorderly conduct from people who agree with us. This shows they’re really not serious about doing the most basic job of the majority.


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