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Priests Exposed

Posted by Adam Graham on January 31, 2007

The Vatican is angry about a reporter who found Catholic priests unable to provide guidance in accordance with church teachings:

To write the cover story in this week’s L’Espresso, reporter Riccardo Bocca visited 24 churches in five large Italian cities and confessed sins he never committed or invented ethical dilemmas for the priest.

In one confessional in Naples he told the priest he felt guilty over his father’s death after the family allowed a doctor secretly to detach a respirator. The father had for years been paralyzed, confined to a bed and unable to breathe autonomously.

“If I had a wife, a father or a son who for years was alive only because of artificial life support, I would pull the plug too,” said the priest, who then gave him absolution.

In another confessional box he faked being HIV positive and was told by a priest that whether or not he used a condom in order not to pass the virus to the woman he loved was “a very personal matter of conscience”.

The Church teaches officially that abstinence and monogamy — not condoms — are the best way to stop the spread of AIDS…

Apart from abortion — which all 24 priests unanimously condemned — he received conflicting advice on moral issues such as divorce, stem-cell research and prostitution.

While I can understand the Vatican not being pleased by the revelation, their true concerns with the state of the Catholic Church and the disregard of church doctrine and scripture in the moral challenges of life that matter most.

The words of a priest carry a great deal of weight. What a church’s high leadership professes doesn’t matter if it’s worthless once those closest to people fold and think like secularists when the moment of moral decision comes.


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