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Reaching the Wrong Conclusion

Posted by Adam Graham on January 31, 2007

Ken Marotte makes a correct observation but an incorrect conclusion. His first observation:

Catholics far outnumber Protestants in the pro-life grassroots, even while polls show protestants to be more pro-life. Marotte then blames pro-abortion teaching in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Episocal Church, the United Methodist Church, and the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) and reaches this conclusion:

Yes, our Protestant brethren misguide their flocks and pervert His Law in the name of higher church attendance and weightier collection plates.

Judging from surveys and polls, perhaps Protestants are, deep down, truly opposed to abortion. But upon entering the pew each Sunday, they are taught that Christ’s love extends to the “troubled woman” (and to the ostensible right to eradicate her own progeny). And so they decide to shelve their convictions, principle be damned.

Very interesting, but wrong. First, he cited a poll showing “Evangelical Protestants” and few would categorize most of the churches he discussed as “evangelical protestants” (not even the Evangelical Lutheran Church.)

Here’s the simple truth. In Evangelical Protestant Churches, it is often not taught about at all and there’s no tradition of activism that’s taught, and many leaders would rather one doesn’t get established.

I remember that when we were in the pro-life movement in Kalispell and some ladies from a Fundamentalist Baptist Church came out once a week for an hour to protest until their pastor told them that he was concerned they’d “left their first love.” It was funny, I always thought Christ told us to love our neighbors and I think that includes the unborn.

In other churches, there’s a refusal to talk about such things because they want to be seeker-friendly (or they have someone whose pro-choice and is a big tither) and as such controversial social issues are out, regardless of what scripture or morality has to say.

It is not a problem so much of active preaching against, but a total indifference that explains what Mr. Merrote observed.


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