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The Ban That Will Pass in 2008

Posted by Adam Graham on January 31, 2007

South Dakota pro-life legislators are back with another bill, this one with some exceptions that will be enough to change the tide and unlike the more perfect Referred Law 6, this should pass easily:

This year’s bill would allow rape victims to get abortions if they report the rapes to police within 50 days. Doctors would have to confirm the report with police and would have to take blood from aborted fetuses and give that information to police for DNA testing…

In the case of incest, a doctor would have to get the woman’s consent to report the crime along with the identity of the alleged perpetrator before an abortion could be performed. Blood samples from fetuses would have to be provided to police in incest cases, too…

It would allow abortions to save women’s lives and in cases in which their health would be seriously jeopardized by a continued pregnancy. However, a doctor could perform an abortion only if a doctor from another practice concurs that a woman’s health is in jeopardy.

This is certainly not a perfect situation, but it would put a stop to 96% of abortion in South Dakota. Of course, there are some disingenuous people on the other side:

Opponents of the legislation have said the issue was settled in the November election and lawmakers should not have revived it.

The issued last November was Referred Law 6 which lacked these exceptions. This is an entirely new issue that will gain support from people who wanted these exceptions.

By the way, since when has the democratic process settled anything for the pro-choice movement. 40 States had laws against abortion but that didn’t stop the Supreme Court from substituting its will for that of the people and their elected representatives.


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