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Time for Some Tougher Sentencing Laws

Posted by Adam Graham on January 31, 2007

This suggests Idaho could have a problem in a few years. Eighty-eight criminals declined parole choosing to stay in prison. Here’s the explanation:

Craven responded, “It’s hard to understand … someone would rather stay in prison for five years than get involved in programming and try to change, but that is the reality. There are people who would rather commit crime.” Some are sex offenders who don’t want treatment, she noted. “That’s a big issue that we’re going to be dealing with.”

Indeed. This might suggest increasing sentences for sex offenders. If they would rather commit crime and end up back in jail, then giving them a longer sentence will give law enforcement more discretion. Though, I should note that I’m troubled that our state would consider paroling sex offenders who don’t want treatment!

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