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On Adoption Reform

Posted by Adam Graham on February 3, 2007

Bryan Fischer has a piece on the madness of Great Britain’s PC adoption laws:

Many state laws — including those in my home state of Idaho — currently allow for single adults to adopt children, which has become a pathway for children to be adopted into homosexual households. Since social service agencies in most states do not screen prospective adoptive parents for sexual orientation, a single adult with a homosexual partner is eligible to adopt, and a number have.

Every child needs and deserves both a mom and a dad. Boys learn what it means to be a man, a husband, and a father by observing their own fathers. Girls learn what it means to be a woman, a wife, and a mother by observing their own mothers. There simply is no substitute for this God-ordained arrangement…

If we believe that children need and deserve both a mom and a dad, the time will come when state laws will need to be reformed to ensure that adoptive children, who obviously have already suffered some kind of trauma, be placed in settings that will provide them with an optimal nurturing environment.

We only need to look to England to see what can happen when homosexual activists get a grip on adoption practices. There, in the London borough of Islington, a pedophile ring was able to take virtual control of the social service agencies that oversaw adoptions and placed many male children into households where they were brutalized by unending sexual abuse at the hands of sexual predators.

While I would certainly agree with the need for avoiding homosexual adoptions, that’s just one side of the coin. When pro-abortionists challenge pro-lifes with, the “How many have you adopted?” canard, the question is more than a little bit unfair.

If all it took to manage an adoption was simply the willingness to take in a child, Andrea and I would have already adopted, but there are quite a few hoops that one most jump through. Traditional adoptions cost upwards of $15-$20,000. There are reasonable costs such as a Home Study of $1-$2,000 but there are other costs that are quite cumbersome that make up the bulk of adoption costs.

Adoption, in general, has to become more streamlined and easier for qualified traditional families. To merely make it harder for homosexuals and other singles to adopt without doing this dooms children to spending their entire life bouncing through our over-burdened foster care system, where abuse is likely to happen sooner or later.


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