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Those Who Can’t Tell the Difference

Posted by Adam Graham on February 3, 2007

Bob Ray Sanders has a piece in the Ft. Worth Telegram that says Christians shouldn’t be attacking Islamic treatment of women because they have their own problems. The example he cites?:

So although it was not a shock, I was surprised to read just last week that a former faculty member at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth was not granted tenure because of her gender.

According to a news account, leaders of the Southern Baptist institution acknowledged that their doctrine not only calls for women to be excluded from being senior pastors, but also says that women may not instruct men in theology, even in the classroom.

Now, I don’t agree with the school’s decision. (If she’s not allowed to teach theology, why was she in the classroom in the first place?) But is this really comparable to the Taliban ripping out a woman’s fingernails for wearing nail polish?

No, the fact is that being a Southern Baptist is a choice. No one holds a gun to your head and says, “Be a southern baptist” The instructor is free to join any church she might choose and any church’s schools.

The different in Islamic countries is that all women are forced to follow the law of Islam and really given no choice about it. In addition Southern Baptist ladies are basically barred from the pulpit, while Islamic women living in Saudi Arabia can’t own property or go anywhere unaccompanied by a a relative.

This case of moral equivalency stretches credability far past the breaking point.


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