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The Early Reviews are In

Posted by Adam Graham on February 4, 2007

The reviews in are in on the anthology that Andrea and I are involved in and so far so good.

If you’ve never read speculative fiction before you need to treat yourself to this collection of wonders. In fact, even if you have read speculative fiction this book belongs on your shelf as well. I make the following challenge. I dare you to read this book and come away feeling that Christians are somehow weaker, less intelligent, more timid or unimaginative. Go ahead. Read this book. I dare you. I dare you to find Christianity so marvelously described as here, other than the Bible.-David Brolier

Though some of the stories border on dark, sinister themes, one has to realize that the true Dark that is out there is more evil and more sinister than what even Hollywood can envision. Some readers may draw offense to this collection, it is your choice. But there are some very good writers here and they have written from a place of hope, a place where the Darkness ends and the Light begins. Dare to venture, dare to walk the walk. There is always Light at the Edge of Darkness-Steven Macon

First, a word on the overall craftsmanship: Fantastic. These are well-written stories with strong plots, interesting characters, and vivid descriptions. (Some a little too vivid–don’t read Weaver’s stories or Fuchs’ “Undeniable” before bed).-Karina Fabian

I was honored to have one of my stories among Ms. Fabian’s favorites:

“Your Average Ordinary Alien” by Adam Graham: Another chuckler. I love the idea of a hard core SF fan being abducted by aliens and finding out they aren’t so different from us after all. Kirk Skywalker (he changed his name) summed it up best: “I finally get to meet an alien and he tells me that you’re just flying green WASPs.”

Find out what all the buzz is about, pre-order your copy today for $13.95 with free shipping.


Check out the trailer:

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