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An Ideal Environment

Posted by Adam Graham on February 5, 2007

Retired Geezer has his post up on the Blogger Dinner:

Surprisingly, Adam was the only one to show up wearing a kilt.

Well, I tried to get Bubblehead in one, but it didn’t work. ;) For some reason, I’m always the only one to wear the kilt (except at the Highland Games when, ‘I was the guy in the kilt.’ doesn’t mean a whole lot.)

He writes:

I hope our next meeting will be at a place more conducive to conversation.

You know ,he has a point. I don’t know why I considered the best place to hold this at a Buffet on Saturday Night where we get to stand in line half an hour before getting in. (Maybe I haven’t been to a Buffet on a Saturday night in a while.) But, I generally don’t make a mistake twice, so I’ve come up with the perfect location for the next event. Chuckie Cheeses on a Saturday night, I’ll be sure they schedule us before all the kids birthday parties are done-er maybe I should rethink that.

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