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Another Positive Review

Posted by Adam Graham on February 5, 2007

Another positive review of Light at the Edge of Darkness and my story, “Your Average Ordinary Alien” in particular:

It’s so hard to pick out the best among so many magnificent tales, but I have to say my two favourite stories are “Allison” by Deborah Cullins-Smith, all about a little girl who lives in Heaven – it might just bring tears to your eyes – and “Your Average Ordinary Alien” by Adam Graham, where an abduction scenario isn’t quite like one sci-fi fan imagined it would be.

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3 Responses to “Another Positive Review”

  1. It is great to see these reviews start to come in. Something all authors (and publishers–since they are ultimately responsible for the work they publish) need to realize is that there are going to be a few potatoes amongst all of the pearls (to confuse the metaphor). Just think of all the times you’ve gone to a movie that you’ve enjoyed — yet the reviewers gave it a “thumbs down.” The real proof comes with the fans! (nb. not that negative reviews are to be disregarded; one can always learn from them . . . if one looks hard enough!).

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Yeah, go on Amazon and check out Frank Peretti’s works. Believe it or not, he has some 1-star ratings.

  3. We Christians love to prove everyone’s wrong about how holier-than-thou and judgmental we are when we’re asked to review something. Well, some of us don’t. Sometimes it’s hard to remember they’re the ones making donkeys out of themselves, though.

    I have a story idea, of someone who throws tomatoes at a no name author, who later turns out to be, say, Peretti (since he’s already mentioned) and now in need of a nice turn themselves, and of course we end with a parable of grace. But that’s never actually going to get written most likely.

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