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For Pro-Lifers Favoring Romney

Posted by Adam Graham on February 5, 2007

His health plan in MA resulted in more taxpayer funded abortions.


2 Responses to “For Pro-Lifers Favoring Romney”

  1. I think it’s ridiculous when people vote soley on the fact that Republicans are pro-life. The people that do this do not have the country in mind and how the President will handle other issues. Republicans will never pass abortion for this reason. They will always claim to have bills in the works, but once they make abortion illegal, the Republicans will lose all the pro-lifer votes. The people will be forced to look to another issue where Republicans lack any moral standing and logic. For this reason, I don’t understand why we have a march in Washington DC and elections are won on whether or not a candidate supports a law that is already passed. Don’t even get me started on gay marriage, that was the dumbest issue to decide the election. Why don’t we look at the real issues at hand like a war we’re in the middle of and a declining economy to China?

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Sorry for caring about the value of human life and not just worshiping the almighty dollar. I agree that gay marriage is a dumb issue. Unfortunately, gay rights activists don’t.

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