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I Didn’t Look At That

Posted by Adam Graham on February 5, 2007

In a classic case of no personal responsibility in politics, a Democratic lawmaker who is facing ethics complaints for sharing a bed with a female page is blaming the kids:

The move comes after the censure of Democratic state Sen. Dan Sutton for sharing a bed with a former legislative page. During hearings, it was revealed that numerous teenage students had open access to his Senate-issued laptop.

When questioned about how search terms leading to pornographic sites wound up on his computer, Sutton told the committee “there was so many individuals that had access to my computer, free access, had keys to my house, came in freely, used that computer, it could have been numerous individuals.”

Like state employees, legislators are bound by a statute barring unlawful use of a computer, but its provisions deal mostly with issues of hacking, stealing data and disrupting access.

What are some good words for this? Disturbing, sickening, and very suspicious. My gut tells me there’s far more going on than meets the eye.


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