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You Can Call Him Senator Obstruction

Posted by Adam Graham on February 6, 2007

And thank God for him, Senator Tom Coburn (R-Ok.) has laid down the law to free spending colleagues:

To this end, I wanted to communicate with you a list of principles I will use to evaluate new legislation in the 110th Congress. I also want to give you advance notice I intend to object to consideration of legislation that violates these common sense principles:

1) If a bill creates or authorizes a new federal program or activity, it must not duplicate an existing program or activity without de-authorizing the existing program;

2) If a bill authorizes new spending, it must be offset by reductions in real spending elsewhere;

3) If a program or activity currently receives funding from sources other than the federal government, a bill shall not increase the federal government’s proportion of the costs of the program or activity;

4) If a bill establishes a new foundation, museum, cultural or historical site, or other entity that is not an agency or a department, federal funding should be limited to the initial start-up costs and an endowment shall provide funding thereafter.

This is not an exhaustive list as I may also object to legislation that I believe oversteps the limited role of the federal government enshrined in our Constitution by our Founders or that violates my own deepest personal convictions.

Give us 60 more just like him and we’ll save this Republic of ours.

UPDATE: Lest anyone make the mistake and think Senator Coburn is a Johnny come lately, GQ provides an excellent profile. Coburn has long been one of the Stalwarts in the Senate. Sadly, there are far too few of them.


4 Responses to “You Can Call Him Senator Obstruction”

  1. So why couldn’t he do this when the Republicans were in charge? Had he done so, they still might be running the Senate…

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Senator Coburn has been fighting this. It’s because of his leadership that we’ll have a searchable database of earmarks. He’s been Mr. Amendment putting up thousands of Amendments and fighting the bridge to nowhere. If he had decided to run for President, Mr. Cox would be supporting him.

  3. Hey, why did Congressman Sali vote against the new House rule to require all earmarks be identified?

  4. Adam Graham [Member] said

    House Rules are voted on by section, so there’s the whole section of Democratic rules being voted on. This rule change was combined with another rule change which would make it harder to pass tax cuts which stimulate the economy and grow revenue and will serve as the excuse for raising working people’s taxes under the Democrat majority.

    In addition a house rules can be changed at anytime by a new Majority. Congressman Sali has co-sponsored HR 631 (you can go and type in the bill number and you’ll see that it bans the government from using earmarks found only in Congressional reports.

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