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This and That

Posted by Adam Graham on February 7, 2007

A few quick thoughts on the passing scene.

From the, “Yes, there are still good people” category, a woman was saved from a fire by a complete stranger.

My Congressman endorsed Mitt Romney. I believe I’ve mentioned that I’m not Congressman Simpson’s biggest fan, so this doesn’t impress me.

Senator Joe “foot in mouth” Biden (D-De.) garners praise from Pat Buchanan. I don’t know if a Democratic campaign can be more in trouble.

Finally, good news for you video game lovers, video games can actually be good for your eyes. I have to admit that since my wife started playing CIV III, her prescription has gone down every year.

2 Responses to “This and That”

  1. Alan [Visitor] said

    What is this CIV III “I was happily ignorant of just 10 minutes ago.”

    Bonus if you catch the source of the quote.

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    CIV III is a simulation/strategy game where you start your own civilization and try to become the best in the world. It’s fun and addictive. I enjoy it but haven’t had time for it in years. Andrea usually doesn’t either.

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