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Beck on the Tyranny of Political Correctness

Posted by Adam Graham on February 8, 2007

Glenn Beck has a fascinating blog post up:

Over the last few weeks, my mind has returned to one of his quotes over and over again–“There are things that I believe that I will never say but I will never say those things I do not believe.” Kant had lots to say about truth and honor, but to me that passage is about persecution. Kant never wanted to be condemned for something he said, especially something in which he did not believe (old school philosophers were sticklers for that). And I can’t blame him. But the thing is…lately I’ve noticed how many people are being been persecuted for saying things that that they do believe and that’s not okay. We like to think that simply because we’re living in modern times we’re so much more “enlightened,” than those back in the 1700’s, but it isn’t necessarily so. The great thinkers of history sought an irrefutable definition of the truth, but today too many prefer their “truth” to be a little flexible…

We face perilous times. We need to stand up and speak out. I stand by my words and my uniquely-informed point of view. Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong, but I couldn’t look my children in the eyes if I didn’t believe I was always fair. Let me lay it out for you–I’m fervently against Islamic extremism, but I’m for a peaceful practice of Islam. I aggressively support finishing our war in Iraq, but I’m not a war monger. Repeating what somebody else said about gays doesn’t mean I agree with them. Just because I’m not sure that man is causing global warming, doesn’t mean I want to kill and eat penguins.

Beck has much more and I urge everyone to read it.


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