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Do Republicans Need a Kick in the Pants?

Posted by Adam Graham on February 8, 2007

I have to wonder this sometimes as I look at the way my party handles (or mishandles) technology. Conservatives consistently lag in using new media technology for even basic things. I sent an e-mail to the House Taxation and Revenue Committee and two democrats including House Minority Leader Wendy Jacquet took the time to respond to my e-mail on the sales tax. No other committee member bothered. While I’m pleased with Jacquet’s kind and thoughtful response, I’m bothered by how the GOP has chosen to ignore this to a large extent. At the national level, people are catching on slowly.

I have to wonder what it will take. Political TV advertising for the GOP was never very edgy or clever until Lyndon Johnson ran the daisy ad. I thought of this in the previous post. It took getting their heads handed to them by Democrats who effectively used new technology to defeat them for the GOP to start getting serious about TV campaign ads. I hope a national political cataclysm isn’t what it requires for Republicans to start using this technology to it’s full potential.


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