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IVB Calls For Freeing Border Age

Posted by Adam Graham on February 8, 2007

Very interesting news on the border agents and one of the prosecutions chief arguments for guilt (i.e.) that they didn’t report the incident:

One of the charges against Compean and Ramos was that they failed to report the Feb. 17, 2005, incident as part of their efforts to cover it up. But a previously unpublished internal Homeland Security Department memo discloses that seven Border Patrol agents, including Compean and Ramos, as well as two supervisors were at the scene.

The presence of the two supervisors at the scene explains why the two didn’t file a report. They didn’t feel they had to since their supervisors — Robert Arnold, a supervisory Border Patrol agent, and Jonathan Richards, a field operations supervisor — were there.

Andy Ramirez, who has watched the case unfold as chairman of the group Friends of the Border Patrol, told World Net Daily: “The Border Patrol manual specifies that only a verbal report needs to be made of shooting incidents like this. All the agents in the field were discussing the shooting incident, including the supervisors. What more of a verbal report needed to be made?”

What more indeed. And why, for that matter, weren’t all nine charged with obstruction of justice and failing to report the incident? The feds say it was because only the two discharged their weapons. The DHS memo says all were equally culpable and that others tried to “conceal” evidence of the shooting.

Come on, Mr. President, do the right thing and pardon these men.


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