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President Sali?

Posted by Adam Graham on February 8, 2007

Bruce Reed writes a post suggesting that Bill Sali may be just what the GOP needs in 2008:

Most conservatives agree that the key moment in the history of their movement was Barry Goldwater’s landslide loss in 1964. In defeat, conservatives found the courage to be ultra: “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Those were the days. The years since have brought conservatives one disappointment after another. In 1964, conservatives were finally comfortable in the minority…

In 2008, the conservative movement should go back to doing what it used to do best: losing. If governing turned out to be no virtue for the right, then defeat should be no vice. Instead of trying to decide which Republican can win the chance to disappoint them again as president, conservatives should remember 1964 and rally behind the candidate who can lose the biggest landslide…

Wingers, behold! I have found the man to lead you back into the political wilderness. He’s a fighter. He will not bend to those liberal demons of evidence or reason. He will say and do the outrageous, with a fervor and gusto the right hasn’t seen in a decade or longer. Best of all, he will lose—quite possibly by the largest electoral margin in American history.

So, on behalf of the great state of Idaho and all four of its electoral votes, let me be the first to nominate for president a man who loves conservatism so much he would destroy the Republican Party to save it, my freshman congressman, Bill Sali.

Now, ultraconservatives are a suspicious lot and won’t swoon for a guy just because he represents the nuttiest congressional district in America. But it’s not just local pride that makes me confident Sali would soon sweep them off their feet. On the issues that matter, his ultraconservative credentials compare favorably to anyone else in the Republican field or on the sidelines:

Of course, in Reed’s mocking, there’s a serious point and it’s found in realizing the rest of the story. After Goldwater’s blow out, we had Ronald Reagan, who got his start giving a speech for Goldwater. In Goldwater’s defeat was the renewal of the GOP.

Had the GOP nominated a “Moderate” they would have lost (not by as wide of a margin) and not have built the base of people who would be the key to the Reagan revolution.

“Conservatives” are acting like a bunch of scared bunny rabbits. We’d rather nominate a bunch of wimps because many beieve just like Reed that a conservative can’t win (how would we know, one hasn’t been nominated in 24 years.) It’s interesting note that it was moderate Republicans who became a dying breed. If Republicans will fight for something they’ll inspire people. While Reed insists it’s the road to defeat, I believe it’s the only way to true victory. Instead of being daring, bold, and reaching out to the American people, so many would rather hide and support candidates who in the long term are like a corrosive acid on the Republican party.

While I believe Congressman Sali would be a great president, he’s really more suited for legislative work and I doubt he’d have any interest. But a conservative like John Cox could once again inspire people to become involved. We need a genuine conservative who will fight. People are tired of politicians running under both banners and in every place in America, there’s a hunger for genuineness which is so lack in our politics.

Cox 2008 folks. He’s our best hope for victory.

Hat Tip: Red State Rebels


2 Responses to “President Sali?”

  1. While I believe Congressman Sali would be a great president…

    Darn it, Adam, now you’ve gone and made me ruin my keyboard! That’ll teach me to be drinking a soda while reading…

  2. fear not, keyboards dry out. Eventually.

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