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Branches of the Same Root

Posted by Adam Graham on February 10, 2007

Andrea makes her debut on Renew America by explaining how one of her stories in the Light at the Edge of Darkness anthology seamlessly combined elements of racism and abortion:

So not only is Abortion based on the same kind of logic that brought us slavery in America, the current movement began at least partially with racist intent, and to this day continues to be carried out in a racist fashion that targets, and is decimating, the Black community.

And now my secret is out of the bag. Though most have been lauding me for a gymnastics feat of Olympic proportions, it really came quite easily to go out on both limbs at the same time, by keeping in mind the connecting spiritual roots of the two issues, roots that some people are bound to be outraged at me for exposing.

I read the original post at Lost Genre Guild. Read the whole thing.


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