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Yes, We Have Idiots In Idaho

Posted by Adam Graham on February 10, 2007

Some Idaho pilots were involved in a friendly fire incident that killed a British soldier.  This got British media out to Idaho to search for people’s reaction and what they found: There are idiots in every corner of the globe. Take this man, Eldon Anderson had some choice words for the British media:

Eldon Anderson is a Vietnam War veteran and neighbor of an Idaho Air National Guard A-10 pilot thought to be involved in a 2003 friendly-fire incident in Iraq that left a British soldier dead. Anderson, interviewed in front of his West Boise home, told ITN television that his neighbor-pilot is a "hero and it’s a damn good thing we have heroes like him in the United States to do the fighting that we’ve got to do against terrorists around the world. And you guys better get on board and that whole damn country of yours along with the rest of Europe.

"You are going to go merrily sucking your thumb like you did in World War II," Anderson continued. "We don’t need your damn help. We need your cooperation, that’s all we need out of you guys. It’s hard even to get that. We know you can’t shoot, move and communicate, but we’d sure as hell like to have your cooperation anyway.

Many Americans  have been quick to defend the Brits:

“As a US soldier who’s recently returned from Iraq I have personally seen the Brits doing a stand-up job and giving it their all. They are the finest group of soldiers I’ve ever seen. This moron from Idaho is an embarrassment to the state and the US…” wrote laspino.

“I am a former U.S. Infantry soldier. I LOVE the BRITS!!! The British Military is tops and I consider them all my BROTHERS!! I am sorry for this terrible accident. I am also sorry that this ignorant American who doesn’t understand [that] the Brits are our greatest allies,” wrote angry American.

While Anderson did apologize, it was not before his careless statements created a stir among brave veterans of the great war:

Furious RAF veteran John Milliken, 81, of Newtownards, Co Down, said he had delivered a “huge insult” to the memory of British servicemen. He added: “The only reason America entered World War II is because they were caught with their trousers down at Pearl Harbor.”

David Hunt, 67, of Horndean, Hants — who served with the British Army in Yemen in 1960, said: “He needs his backside kicked — and I would like to be the man to do it.”

This does show how one must be careful in today’s culture, the left wing blog, the Mountain Goat Report summed up the feelings of most Idahoans:

I would assert that most Idahoans do view the incident as an unfortunate accident and are saddened by the recent reports. I’d like to think, however, that most Idahoans don’t share Anderson’s narrow-minded views of the British, the U.S.’s closest ally for at least the last 100 years. Am I wrong?

He’s absolutely right. We have many intelligent, hard working folks in Idaho, but sadly what gets the media coverage of the world is one man sharing an idiotic opinion. So, i find myself in rare agreement with liberal Idaho blogs, because stupidity brings us all together for better or for worse.


8 Responses to “Yes, We Have Idiots In Idaho”

  1. Mick Hughes [Visitor] said

    This guy should be respected,not slated. after all he was only a chopper pilot..too many drugs i think. fried his brain in the 60`s,.. ive worked with your army and im glad this bloke isn`t a common sample

  2. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Thank you for comments. The vast majority love the Brits here and appreciate the partnership.

  3. Basil Fawlty [Visitor] said

    I am british and have association with americans over many years. Obviously Eldon Anderson’s comments were at best unhelpful. I like many americans do not associate his comments with sanity or truth. I do not wish to start point scoring over which nation did what, when or result. Our traditions and mutual relationship is far stronger than naive comments (from whatever quarter), we all have our idiots!!!

  4. and we all have momentary lapses into temporary idiocy.

  5. Respondent to John Gilbert’s recent video report from Idaho regarding the tragic death of Lance Corporal Matty Hull, and Eldon Anderson’s comments, I am compelled to make a couple of points:

    1. Did John Gilbert simply interview the first moron he could find? Did he even bother to verify that Eldon Anderson was indeed a “close friend” of the American pilot, AND a Vietnam veteran? Eldon Anderson’s ignorance and insensitivity is hardly representative of America at large. ITV’s broadcast of this couch-moistener’s sensationalistic pablum is nothing less than a tabloidesque cheap shot at the American people and a shameful grab for ratings, adverts and website hits. With friends like ITV, America doesn’t need terrorists. Thanks for the boost in international relations, Mr. Gilbert.

    2. As for Eldon Anderson himself, if he would get his head out of his posterior long enough to read a history book, he would know that Great Britain held off the Nazis pretty much single-handedly for the first part of World War II (as per usual the French of course were of little use save for the making of surrender flags). Great Britain has given us so much help, and America considers the country a valuable friend and ally. Mr. Anderson is a disgrace to our country, and if he indeed is a Vietnam veteran, it’s no wonder those guys lost.

    I love America and Great Britain as well. It was personally hurtful to me to see Eldon Anderson’s stupidity broadcast without hesitation and without even one other person’s point of view to counterbalance that man’s lunacy. I challenge every journalist at ITV who isn’t just interested in sensationalism to show the majority of America as it truly is—not just what John Gilbert wants the British people and the world at large to see.

    Tamara Winfrey Bennett

  6. Adam Graham [Member] said

    Thanks, Basil. I’ve been appreciative of how gracious most Brits have been on this.

    And Tamara, you’re absolutely right. The BBC reporter definitely
    had an agenda and was quite irresponsible in what he showed.

  7. Basil [Visitor] said

    Adam, thank you.

    Minor point; I believe that the reporter in question was NOT from the BBC but actually associated with ITV/ITN

  8. Adam Graham [Member] said

    I stand corrected.

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