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99% Conservative

Posted by Adam Graham on February 12, 2007

Eric, a blogger for Romney (not on staff) stopped in for a visit, writing:

Call me an “analyst” if you want. I’ll call you “silly”. If you can’t throw your support behind a frontrunner like Mitt Romney who is 99% conservative, and instead you cast a vote for your neighbor who is 100% conservative but has no chance in hell of winning even one state, you are silly. Regardless of what you may have been taught, there is such a thing as a wasted vote due to the fact that we select a president using the US electoral college system.

The last part is a tad silly. We have the electoral college system, but we’re preparing to vote in the primary and has nothing to do with it. Of course, the electoral college is a poor argument for me to vote for a candidate I don’t believe in. In the general election, I could vote for Santa Claus/Mickey Mouse and the GOP will still win the state. Of course, Eric claims to be a psychic, knowing who can and can’t win elections. As we’ve had a long stream of nothing but (current or former) Governors, Senators, and Vice-Presidents atop our tickets since 1956, I’d suggest that no one has the ability to judge what someone else will do. But the 99% conservative point needs to be addressed because it’s absurd.

Liz Mair writes that Romney is backing away from health care legislation he signed in Massachusetts:

Could this be because even by last August, it was clear that RomneyCare would cost Massachusetts $151 million more, for 2007 alone, than Romney had said? Could it be because RomneyCare provided a $386 million rate increase to hospitals, doctors and managed care organizations — a tab that federal taxpayers as well as Massachusetts taxpayers are expected to have to pick up? Could it be because the tab for covering low income individuals, just in RomneyCare’s first year, will be $25 million more than planned? Could it be because the intended $250 a month average premiums that Romney described as “affordable” for the then-uninsured (and not just wealthy venture capitalists-cum-politicians) have now skyrocketed to an expected $380 per month, on average — a distinctly unaffordable sum for many in Massachusetts who are now mandated to purchase them, lest they break the law?

But Romney is 99% conservative!

In 2002 when accepting the Republican nomination for Governor, Romney said, “”I respect and will protect a woman’s right to choose. This choice is a deeply personal one … Women should be free to choose based on their own beliefs, not mine and not the government’s.”

But Romney is 99% conservative!

In 1994, Romney said he would be stronger on Gay Rights than Ted Kennedy and in 2002 handed out fliers at a gay pride parade.

But Romney is 99% conservative!

Mitt Romney was neutral on Bush’s taxes while plotting tax increases in Massachusetts.

But Romney is 99% conservative!

And the record goes on. Whatever Romney is, he’s also 100% opportunist. Some of his supporters don’t seem to understand what’s so wrong with doing what it takes to win in the Blue states, never at all entertaining the possibility that what Romney is saying now is little more than an attempt to win over conservative primary voters that he’ll distance himself from when it becomes inconvenient.


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