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Shutting Up the Opposition

Posted by Adam Graham on February 14, 2007

Having left the Edwards campaign under pressure, Amanda Marcotte vowed revenge. Today, a friend of Marcotte’s and fellow ousted Edwards staffer Melissa McEwan took a first swipe at it:

The ramifications of Bill Donohue and the Catholic League’s reckless rhetoric has materialized in the form of death threats to bloggers Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan. This is what happens when the ultra-right wing is given the megaphone of mainstream media. It is also a complete break down in the responsibility that the media has in vetting those who are given a platform to spread a message.

This is also evidence that ultra-right wing organizations that create messages based on hate and fear find sympathetic audiences with people who think more like citizen-militia than the loyal Catholics that Bill Donohue claims to represent. It is no wonder that there has been no mainstream Roman Catholic group, nor the Church itself, to step forward to support Donohue in his illegal, unethical scalp-seeking tirade against Senator Edwards’ bloggers.

He then demands that Donahue retract his apology.

Let’s be clear, threats are despicable and have no place in our politics. I’m sorry to hear that Marcotte and McEwan have been subject to them.

That said, let’s clarify what Mr. Donahue said:

He posted quotes showing that McEwan and Marcotte were anti-Christian. The truth of the matter is that they were anti-Christian. According to Hudson, Donahue must retract the truth. Nonsense! He’s not responsible for what an unhinged nut does with the truthful information reported: that the John Edwards campaign hired two anti-Christian bigots and put them on staff.

Mr. Hudson’s dream of retraction was mild compared to many of the commenters ultimate goal:

I’m enjoying watching Catholics prove these bloggers correct. Of course, it’s not just the Catholics that are dangerous but any and all religious nuts on the planet. Religion should have been outlawed centuries ago!

If these bloggers have received any threats they should notify the police and make a record, but they should also immediately have an attorney sent a letter to this Catholic group and tell them that a lawsuit will be filed if this doesn’t stop immediately.

The letter should also politely point out that since most of the leadership of the Catholic church and its fanatical right-wing fringe support groups is made up of pedophiles and child rapists, it is likely that a jury would assess significant punitive damages for its continued harmful conduct towards those who refuse to drink the kool-aid.

Ah, lawsuits and recriminations for exposing the truth because someone took that truth and used it to make a threat? That’s the agenda of many on the left. That’s why they dream of hate crime laws, so that people will be so scared of they’re life being destroyed, they’ll shut-up and say nothing against the liberals.

My question for them is, do they really want to go there? Pam Spaulding repeatedly derided Peter LaBarbera for months (maybe even maybe years by now). Recently a commenter posted LaBarbera’s address and told Snipers to “take note” and suggested that shooting the Illinois pro-family activist would amount to self-defense. LaBarbera posted Pam’s apology note and let things go. No lawsuit is pending, but by the standard raised by these comments, there ought to be. Also, during Brandi Swindell’s run for City Council, she received some very disgusting threats and was told by the Boise Police to drive home different routes each night leaving from the campaign and her home address is information that has to be kept secret for her safety. I have yet to see anyone on the left (in the blogosphere or vitriolic letter writers) come forward to claim responsibility or even consider that shouting, “Princess Brandi Talibania” had anything to do with the vile and disgusting stuff Ms. Swindell has to go through everyday.

As for unethically getting someone dismissed from their job. How about getting Matt Barber fired from AllState for making comments against homosexuality? Never mind that Barber’s position on gay rights has nothing to do with his job, the pro-gay left brought the information to AllState and *boom* Barber was gone.

It’s perfectly all right for the far left to conclude that Conservative Christians shouldn’t even be allowed to have jobs (as was the case with Matt Barber) but if someone on the right (along with several liberal religious folks) concludes that maybe someone who derides the Virgin Birth may not be a good fit for a Presidential campaign, it’s totally unethical.

Yeah, right. As with Barber, so it is with Donahue. The agenda is making people be quiet and not disturb the liberal order.


I should add that you can tell the self-importance of the far left blogosphere in this comment


Yes, where is the leader of 1.3 billion people in an American political row which will almost certainly be forgotten next week.


One Response to “Shutting Up the Opposition”

  1. Dang, I thought the Edwards(I feel pretty)/bloggers row was pathetic enough and now this? Good job on showing the inconsistency of the looney left.

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